This is just an example CanvasXpress bar graph that can be used to drop a csv, json or png file. Go ahead and drop a file on it!

Share Data with CanvasXpress

Configure, save, and share your work with simple and intuitive drag and drop operations. Use pieces of HTML, csv, json or png files to create powerful visualizations.

1. HTML Widgets

Click on the icons in the left toolbar to choose html snippets to drag and drop in the page or add new sections. You can add, remove, or change your rows and columns.

2. CanvasXpress

Use csv, json or png files created with CanvasXpress and drop them onto the CanvasXpress html widgets (which are bar graphs by defualt).

3. Save and Share

Click the upload icon on the left to save your work! You can start by modifying this page, login into CanvasXpress and save your first visualization.