Data Analytics Made Easy

CanvasXpress: A JavaScript Library for Data Analytics with Full Audit Trail Capabilities.

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CanvasXpress is free for personal and educational use.

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$ yarn add canvasxpress
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""type="text/css"/>
 <script type="text/javascript"src=""></script>

Integrate with the frameworks you work

R Integration

Install the CanvasXpress R package from CRAN and use it in the R console, R-Studio or in any Shiny application.

Python Integration

Install the CanvasXpress Python library from PyPI and use it with Jupyter, Flask, Streamlit, Dash and Django.

Node Integration

Install the CanvasXpress Node module from npmjs to create visualizations locally or in the cloud.

React Integration

Install the CanvasXpress Node modules from npmjs to easily integrate with React JS.

Ruby-on-Rails Integration

Use CanvasXpress with Ruby-on-Rails in any web environment.

Vue.js Integration

Use CanvasXpress with Vue in any web environment.

Angular Integration

Install the CanvasXpress Node modules from npmjs to easily integrate with Angular JS.

PHP Integration

Use CanvasXpress with PHP in any web environment.

# What is CanvasXpress?

CanvasXpress a stand-alone JavaScript Library for Data Analytics. Built for the purpose of reproducible research with a sophisticated and unobtrusive user interface. Full and effortless audit trail of data, configuration and all user interactions in every visualization.

Feature List

Learn how these features can help you develop visualizations easily and serve your stake holders fast.

Open Source

Free for individual and educational use with dual licensing. Please contact us for commercial use.

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User Interface

Rich set of unobtrusive widgets for data analytics embedded in every visualization.

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Software Design

Visualizations optimized to enhance the user experience and facilitate data exploration.

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Audit Trail

Full tracking of data, configuration and every single user interaction for Reproducible Research.

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File Formats

Create visualizations starting with different file formats. Load data from JSON, XML, CSV or PNG files by simply drag and drop.

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Interactive Plots

Rich and dynamic user experience to explore data with mouse-overs, zoom, clicks, resize, drag and drop, menus, tables and more.

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Broadcast Events

Built-in automatic broadcast mechanism to comunicate events to all visualizations in web page to highlight, filter-in or filter-out.

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Data Wrangling

Explore and model data sets by grouping or segregating based on meta data, sorting, clustering, transforming and much more.

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# Why should you use CanvasXpress?

  • Speed

    As the size of visualizations gets larger, other packages have a steep dropoff of performance around 20k points whereas this package scales well to a million points. On-chart manipulations save network round-trips to the server/app to get chart updates.

  • Variety

    With the wide variety of charts you can use a single library for most visualizations in your report or application.

  • Feature Rich

    Dynamic and reactive charts. On-chart functionality is extensive. Reproducibility, Reproducible Research

  • Actively developed and maintained

    JS library updates are made frequently. CRAN package updated regularly for R. Python package is brand new in 2021!