# About CanvasXpress

CanvasXpress was developed as the core visualization component for bioinformatics and systems biology analysis at Bristol-Myers Squibb. It supports a large number of visualizations to display scientific and non-scientific data. CanvasXpress also includes a standalone unobtrusive data table and a filtering widget to allow data exploration similar to those only seen in other high-end commercial applications. Data can be easily sorted, grouped, transposed, transformed or clustered dynamically. The fully customizable mouse events as well as the zooming, panning and drag'n drop capabilities are features that make this library unique in its class.

# Version 33.6 (04-16-2021)

1. Added thumbnails of social pages.
2. Added imageTimeOut and imageMaxTries parameters to be able to delay ploting until images are loaded in the DOM.

# Version 33.5 (04-15-2021)

1. Fixed bug in segregating multidensional heatmap plots.
2. Fixed bug in segregating patterned line graphs.
3. Fixed bug in zooming scatter plots with side histograms.
4. Fixed bug in legends for line and line-combination graphs.
5. Removed ability to filter DOE graphs with data filter widget.
6. Fixed bug in setting topologies of DOE plots.
7. Removed ability to transform data in Manhattan plots.
8. Fixed bugs in social pages.

# Version 33.4 (04-10-2021)

1. Added ability to read data from DOM elements (usefull to improve performance in visium plots).

# Version 33.3 (04-09-2021)

1. Fixed bug in adjusting the y axis in visium plots.
2. Fixed bugs in social pages.

# Version 33.2 (04-08-2021)

1. Rendering improvements for very large scatter plots datasets.
2. Fixed bug in adjusting the y axis in visium plots.
3. Added methods to compress and decompress code (not used yet).

# Version 33.1 (04-06-2021)

1. Implemented Manhattan plots.
2. Fixed bug in setting aspect ratio for visium plots.

# Version 33.0 (04-02-2021)

1. Implemented exploring metadata for histograms.
2. Implemented Black and White theme.
3. Added additional themes.
4. Fixed icons to get code in web pages.
5. Fixed bug in getting JSON code.
6. Fixed bug setting the aspect ratio in visium plots.
7. Improved method to load google fonts.
8. Refactor social pages (more changes to come).

# Version 32.9 (03-24-2021)

1. Fixed bug in exploring map metadata.
2. Fixed bug in selecting map elements that contain pie charts.
3. Fixed bug in setting histogram bin size.
4. Changed url for map example with orthographic projection.
5. Fixed bug in setting default size for data point in visium plots.

# Version 32.8 (03-22-2021)

1. Fixed bug in binning data points when length is only 1.
2. Fixed bug in desegregating plots.
3. Fixed bug in trying to calculate loess with small number of variables.
4. Improved orthographic projection of maps.
5. Fixed bug in setting histogram bin size.

# Version 32.7 (03-17-2021)

1. Fix bug in setting colors in Maps.
2. Added parameter to adjust histogram bin width (histogramBinWidth).
3. Fixed bug catching incompatible segregation plots.
4. Fixed bug in corelations after data transformation.
5. Fixed bug in clustering samples.
6. Implemented orthographic projections in maps (beta).

# Version 32.6 (03-04-2021)

1. Fixed bug in tooltips over circular shapes.
2. Fixed bug in pages containing multiple visium plots.

# Version 32.5 (03-04-2021)

1. Improved maps and added extra examples.
2. Fix bug in caching the background image in visium plots.

# Version 32.4 (03-01-2021)

1. Implemented Albers projection in maps.
2. Improved map examples.
3. Fixed bug in grouping and ungrouping plots.
4. Fixed bug in setting hierarchies after filtering.

# Version 32.3 (02-24-2021)

1. Fix bug in layout for fish plots.
2. Improved fish plots.
3. Fixed bugs sorting segregated plots.
4. Fixed bug in setting the background image in visuam plots.
5. Fixed bug in setting background in violin plots.
6. Changed alert message when trying to log transform data les or equal to zero.
7. Fixed bug in attemping to configure Venn diagrams.
8. Fixed bug in configuring data by shape in Scatter plots.
9. Fixed bug in grouping and ungrouping segregated plots.
10. Fixed bugs in reproducible research in segregated plots.
11. Refactored code with grouping samples.

# Version 32.2 (02-18-2021)

1. Added ability to extend metadata to maps by drag and drop additional files.
2. Added first version of fish plots (Very raw. Many changes to come).
3. Fixed bug in segregated combination lines plots.
4. Fixed bug in reproducbibility of segregated plots.
5. Fixed bug in sorting samples in segregated and grouped plots.
6. Removed ability to transpose Gantt charts.
7. Fixed bug in segregated plots with multiple factors.

# Version 32.1 (02-12-2021)

1. Fixed bug in interactions of filtering and sorting when displaying grouped data.
2. Fixed bug in reproducing segregated plots.
3. Removed ability to segregate samples and variable with treemap data.
4. Removed ability to to show / remove communities with fixed layout network graphs.
5. Removed bug with interactions segregated plots with data correlation.
6. Removed ability to segregate by samples and variables in Scatter 2D plots.
7. Fixed bug in calculating loess with transformed data.

# Version 32.0 (02-09-2021)

1. Remove support for Leaflet.
2. Added support to drag and drop topojson or geojson files wiht the extension .json or .geojson.
3. Fixed bug when hovering over layout legends.
4. Fixed bug when selecting all data point in a boxplot.
5. Fixed bug when segregating line combination plots.
6. Fixed bug in changing table view with meter graphs.
7. Fixed bug when redrawing some networks charts.
8. Fixed bug when removing histograms from ridgeline plots.
9. Remove useless ability to segregate by sample in ridgeline plots.
10. Added ability to load background image as array of rgb values.
11. Added ability to modify the data point size in scatter plots with the parameter dataPointSizeScaleFactor.
12. Added ability to hide or show specific features in the topojson in Maps.
13. Added ability to customize features in the topojson in Maps (more to come with examples).

# Version 31.9 (02-01-2021)

1. Added ability to modify graph size in DOE plots.
2. Fixed bugs in segregation and histogram modifications.
3. Fixed bug in searching in datatable.
4. Fixed bug in creating correlation from boxplot and violin graphs.
5. Removed ability to create ellipsis by variable.
6. Fixed bug in setting patterns in segregated and group graphs.
7. Fixed bug in customizing axes in Density plots.
8. Fixed bug when removing correlations in Dotplots.
9. Fixed bug in grouping Gantt charts.

# Version 31.8 (01-24-2021)

1. Added Meter graphs.
2. Added count summary type.
3. Modify destroy method to delete CanvasXpress global selector.
4. Modify deleting selectDataPoints property after first rendering.
5. Added method to stack levels of grouping factors in Bar graphs.
6. Added automated sorting method when grouping data. (Re-implemented).
7. Added summary widget to data explorer to facilitate dashboard creation.

# Version 31.7 (01-14-2021)

1. Improve performance in filtering data through the UIs.
2. Fixed bug in hide mask in Maps.
3. Fixed bug in filtering data points in 3D-Scatter plots.
4. Fixed bug in reproducing segregated graphs.
5. Fixed bug in clicks in Correlation plots.
6. Fixed bug in saving graph through the menus.
7. Fixed bug customizing font color for Samples and Variables.
8. Fixed bug in mouseovers in lollipop graphs.
9. Changed default minimum number of rows/colums in datatable.
10. Fixed bug in legend filtering in Maps.
11. Added automated method to fit legends when their height exceeds the height of the plot.

# Version 31.6 (01-11-2021)

1. Fixed bug in social pages. No changes in JS library.

# Version 31.5 (01-08-2021)

1. Fixed bug in setting legends for layout line combination plots.
2. Fixed bug in setting min and max for layout line combination plots.
3. Fixed bug in correlation plots.
4. Fixed bug in filtering data points in 2D-Scatter plots.
5. Fixed bug when selecting pie charts.
6. Fixed bug when trying to exp transform data > 1000.
7. Fixed bug in setting legend background color in maps and corelation plots.
8. Fixed bug in assigning colors to parts of maps.
9. Fixed bug in coloring loess-contour plots.
10. Fixed bug zooming loess-contour plots.

# Version 31.4 (01-05-2021)

1. Improved performance

# Version 31.3 (12-27-2020)

1. Fixed bug in dataexplorer css sizing the widget.
2. Fixed bug in sizing data points in dotplots and boxplots.
3. Added metaData property to customize delimited text files.
4. Fixed bug in reseting Line combination plots.
5. Added global chain property to keep track of updated graphs.

# Version 31.2 (12-21-2020)

1. Fixed bug in generating R code.
2. Fixed bug in filtering segregated histograms.
3. Fixed bug when transforming data in rigdeline and density and boxplots.
4. Fixed bug with precalculated boxplots.
5. Fixed bug in broadcasting to DOE plots.
6. Fixed bug in segregating variables in combination line plots.
7. Fixed bug in custom mouse events.

# Version 31.1 (12-14-2020)

1. More performance improvements with toolbar, tooltip and code widgets.
2. Improved performance in rendering Scatter plots; added parameter 'densityPixels'.
3. Fixed bug in transitions.

# Version 31.0 (12-10-2020)

1. Refactored rendering function to improve performance.
2. Refactored reproducible research functions to improve performance.

# Version 30.9 (12-02-2020)

1. Refactor/Sort initialization routines to improve performance.
2. Fixed bug in broadcasting selected objects in graphs.

# Version 30.8 (11-30-2020)

1. Fixed bug in Dbl-Click event in dendrograms.
2. Fixed bug in grouped combination line graphs.

# Version 30.7 (11-27-2020)

1. Fixed bug in remote loading of grpuped data.
2. Fixed fug in selecting data point with lasso in Scatter 2D plots.
3. Fixed bug in reseting selections in Scatter plots and Networks.

# Version 30.6 (11-24-2020)

1. Fixed bug in creating examples from configurator.
2. Fixed bug in API web pages to create examples.
3. Changed back the default width of CanvasXpress in R.

# Version 30.5 (11-23-2020)

1. Fixed bug in custom mouseover and mousemove events.

# Version 30.4 (11-22-2020)

1. Implemented scatter type visium for spatial transcriptomics.
2. Implemented markers for Maps.
3. Implemented drop shapes.
4. Fixed bug in canvas click events (to address issue with shiny).
5. Fixed bug in handling user select event.
6. Added user motion events.
7. Fixed bug in destroy method to cope with HTMLWidgets.
8. Implemented markerBy for maps (really cool).
9. Implemented selection for maps.
10. Implemented selection method for motion graphs.
11. Refactored custom and native events.

# Version 30.3 (11-12-2020)

1. Implemented selection model for histograms, treemaps and pie charts present in the same web page.
2. Fixed bug with mouse clicks in Correlation plots.
3. Fixed bug in legend filtering of combination line plots.
4. Fixed bugs in setting and changing themes programatically and through the configurator.
5. Fixed bug in the destroy method.
6. Fixed bug in HTMLWidgets Javascript binding for CanvasXpress in the R-Package.

# Version 30.2 (11-04-2020)

1. Implemented circle and hexagon heatmaps.
2. Fixed bugs in reseting metadata after updating theme colors.
3. Minor changes for CanvasXpress color theme.
4. Make transparent the color indicator background.

# Version 30.1 (11-02-2020)

1. Fixed bug in sorting data after zooming when sortData is passed as parameter.
2. Implemented conversion of graphs in DOE (very usefull for dashboards).
3. Implemented data sorting and transformation in DOE (very useful for dashboards).

# Version 30.0 (10-28-2020)

1. Improved radial trees layout (new example)
2. Added ability to open hierarchy json files (name and children parameters) added example file.
3. Added ability to open links json files (nodes and links parameters) added example file.
4. Fixed bug in setting text format for axis ticks in one dimensional graphs.
5. Added method to sort data pertmanently.
6. Fixed bug in histograms create with one dimensional plots.
7. Improved broadcast methodology (very usefull for creating dashboards).

# Version 29.9 (10-16-2020)

1. Improved circular network layout.
2. Added ability to pass data and/or config as a function (usefull for synthetic data sets).
3. Added dataFunction to reformat (remote) data set in URLs.
4. Fixed bug in assigning gradient colors.
5. Fixed more bug on click events in pages with multiple CanvasXpress objects.
6. Fixed bug in DOE plots with multiple histograms.

# Version 29.8 (10-04-2020)

1. Fixed bug positioning histogram bars with ranged data in ridge line plots.
2. Fixed bug in positioning density graphs in layout ridge line plots.
3. Added php example to web page overview.
4. Fixed bug that broke genome browser plots.

# Version 29.7 (10-01-2020)

1. Added python example to web page overview (courtesy of Todd C. Brett)
2. Fixed issue with colored cells and font size in correlation plots.
3. Improved creation of gradients.
4. First version of ridge line plots.
5. Fixed bug on click events in pages with multiple CanvasXpress objects.
6. Added parameter to add jittered data point in ridge line density plots.
7. Improved jittering for rugs in Scatter plots.
8. Implemented highlighting of Canvas Gradients.

# Version 29.6 (09-23-2020)

1. Fixed bug in density plots

# Version 29.5 (09-23-2020)

1. Fixed bugs with coloring in faceted plots (one/two dimensional plots).
2. Fixed bugs with one dimensional graph markers.

# Version 29.4 (09-17-2020)

1. Fixed bug in dotplots faceted by variables.
2. Improved appearance of faceted dotplots.
3. Fixed bugs in legends of faceted density plots.
4. Improved scoping for annotation marks in faceted plots.
5. Fixed bug in recoloring density plots.
6. Fixed bug in combination line plots that are grouped and colored by different factors.

# Version 29.3 (09-07-2020)

1. Fixed bug setting scoped markers in layout graphs.
2. Fixed bug in segregate function passed in afterrender object.

# Version 29.2 (09-03-2020)

1. Fixed bug in sorting sample overlays in Circular plots.
2. Fixed bug with legends in layout density plots.
3. Fixed bugs with legends in combination-line graphs.
4. Fixed bug in seting markers with scope in layout graphs.
5. Fixed bug in scaling text for graph citations.
6. Fixed bug in setting min and max values for axes in one dimensional graphs.

# Version 29.1 (07-31-2020)

1. Fixed bug in setting networks metadata.
2. Fixed bug in legend selection in density plots.
3. Fixed in adding multiple decoration legends in Scatter plots.
4. Fixed bug in barlline facet plots.
5. Fixed bug in legend events in Network plots.
6. Fixed bug in hard reset.

# Version 29.0 (06-30-2020)

1. Refactor contour plots.
2. Added parameter to modify start, end, step of the contour levels (contourLevelStart, contourLevelEnd, contourLevelStep).
3. Added parameter to show contour levels (showContourLevel).
4. Extended missing data color to Network graphs.
5. Fixed bug in grouping heatmaps with variable overlays.
6. Fixed bug when filtering data with continuous factors.
7. Fixed bug in layout plots with grouped data.
8. Fixed bug caching base64 images in remote network graphs.
9. Fixed bug in dragging samples in layout plots.

# Version 28.9 (06-11-2020)

1. Fixed bug in layout plots with grouped data.
2. Fixed bug in building script to generate R code.
3. Fixed bug in layout plot with regression series.
4. Fixed bug in setting tooltips in motion maps.
5. Fixed bug in mouse over legends in network graphs.
6. Fixed bug in DOE plots when reseting graphs (with Scatter 2D plots).
7. Fixed bugs in axes layout plots with horizontal graphs.
8. Fixed bugs in tooltips and coloring in maps.
9. Fixed bug in canceling data transformations.
10. Fixed bug in showing data in Scatter 2D Bubble plots.
11. Fixed bug caching base64 images in remote network graphs.

# Version 28.8 (06-02-2020)

1. Added parameter cacheBase64 to cache the image in the meta data object as Base64 (special for R).
2. Changed default to zero ranged data to -0.005 to 0.005.
3. Fixed bug in calculating band width estimate for data sets having zero standard deviation. (Set to 0.1).
4. Fixed bug in SPLOM transitions.

# Version 28.7 (05-31-2020)

1. Fixed bug in setting default user colors.
2. Fixed bug in setting zero value in colored Network plots.
3. Added ability to control the aspect ratio of scatter plots similar to coord_fixed in ggplot.
4. Re-implemented login in Web site.
5. Re-implemented social web pages.

# Version 28.6 (05-17-2020)

1. Changed function to get google fonts.
2. Added more examples to the NodeJS modules.
3. Added ability to save the base64 image in the metadata object (special for R).
4. Fixed bug in setting the orientation of heatmap indicators placed at left or right.

# Version 28.5 (05-12-2020)

1. Fixed bug in layout histograms.
2. Fixed bug in layout plots with custom facet configurations.
3. Fixed bug in restoring correlations after segregation.
4. Fixed bug in showing markers in layout plots.
5. Fixed bug in auditing.
6. Added color node by to the tooltip in Network graphs.
7. Added size by capability to maps.
8. Fixed bug in NodeJS - CLI code.

# Version 28.4 (05-10-2020)

1. Parameter asHistogram is deprecated and replaced by histogramData.
2. Fixed bug in css preventing horizontal scroller to show.
3. Fixed bug in setting histogram / density plots.

# Version 28.3 (05-04-2020)

1. Fixed bug with remote data containing initialization functions in config.
2. Fixed bug storing and reading data files with remote data.
3. Fixed bug in maps changing colors when zooming in/out.
4. Added to menus ability to create histograms with factors.
5. Remove ability to log-transform data with negative values.
6. Fixed bug in histograms segregate by a factor.
7. Fixed bug in double clicking in tree graphs and circular dendrograms.
8. Forced to used 'count' stat in histograms when displaying DOE.
9. Fixed bug in positioning menus in Network graphs requesting data from urls.
10. Fixed bug when transforming data in Matrix Scatter plots.

# Version 28.2 (04-29-2020)

1. Fixed bug in UI for sorting variables and samples.
2. Created better examples for area graphs.

# Version 28.1 (04-28-2020)

1. Fix bug in setting color in regression lines without factor annotation.
2. Small modifications in example web pages.
3. Fixed bug in mouse over events in layout one dimensional plots.
4. Fixed bug in UI for sorting variables and samples.

# Version 28.0 (04-27-2020)

1. Convert example pages to ajax calls.

# Version 27.9 (04-26-2020)

1. Add function to replot graph with or without animation.
2. Removed key shorcuts to change graph type.
3. Fixed bug in calculating data point size in Scatter plots after reseting gaph.
4. Fixed bug in setting margins in layout one dimensional plots.
5. Fixed bug in setting binned data in dotplots and boxplots.
6. Implemented Density and Histogram layout graphs.
7. Refactor density and histograms plots.
8. Fixed bug in setting colors for the filling in density plots.
9. Fixed procedure to calculate side histograms/densities in Scatter2D plot.
10. Fixed Legend filtering in SPLOM plots.

# Version 27.8 (04-01-2020)

1. Added motion capabilities to maps.
2. Added ability to chage style for the tiles in maps with a Leaflet layer.
3. Prevent data transformations in area graphs.
4. Fixed bug in legend filtering in SPLOM plots.
5. Fixed bug in sizing by samples in Scatter3D plots.
6. Fixed bug in exploring metadata in various plots.
7. Fixed bug in setting margins in layout plots.
8. Fixed bug in setting legend and axis position in scatter plots.
9. Fixed bug in exp data transformation with density variations.
10. Increassed difference in size of objects when data is sized by a factor.
11. Fixed bug in removing histograms in x-line plots.
12. Added new dataset called covid19.

# Version 27.7 (03-20-2020)

1. Added ability to play reproducibility at initial render of the graph.
2. Added ability to scope lines in layout plots and add tooltip to custom lines.
3. Fixed bug in filtering numeric legends with ranged values.
4. Fixed bug in transforming groupped data in layout plots.
5. Fixed bug in reseting sorted data in layout plots.
6. Fixed bugs in maps.

# Version 27.6 (03-13-2020)

1. Fixed bug in dragging data points.
2. Fixed bugs in misaligned layout plots.
3. Improve setting of layout plots by checking and modifying non valid parameters.
4. Fixed bug in setting categorical shapes for numeric factor types.
5. Fixed bug in setting correct dimensions for series legends.

# Version 27.5 (03-09-2020)

1. Fixed bug in recalculating data point size when resizing Scatter2D and Dotplots.
2. Fixed bug in selecting data points in Scatter2D and Scatter3D plots.
3. Fixed resizing issue in web pages using bootstrap.

# Version 27.4 (03-06-2020)

1. Modified image resource to utilize https rather than http.
2. Added upload.png image in web site.
3. Fixed bug in selecting data points when multiple series are used in Scatter plots.

# Version 27.3 (03-05-2020)

1. Fixed bug in hetmaps not honoring colorKeys.
2. Fixed bug in web site that disables the file browser button to load files.
3. Fixed bug filtering legend in boxplots and violin plots.

# Version 27.2 (03-04-2020)

1. Fixed bug in removing the graph mask in the initialization of the reproducible object.
2. Fixed URL for beacon.gif image to match the new web site.
3. Removed spurious debuging messages in console.
4. Fixed other bug when parsing Metabase XML files.

# Version 27.1 (02-28-2020)

1. Disabled GEO client.
2. Set default for CanvasXpress.getObject to return the first instance when id is not passed.
3. Fixed bug in legend filtering whit layout boxplots that do not show original data points.
4. Fixed bug in histograms with zero values.
5. Fixed bug of changing layout topology.
6. Fixed bug in shiny apps with slider.
7. Fixed bugs in parsing Metabase XML files.
8. Added method to initialize canvas as displayed in the viewport (lazyLoad).

# Version 27.0 (02-14-2020)

1. Fixed bug in networks which inverted graph when zooming out.
2. Fixed bug in Sunburst placing labels when filtering with legends.
3. Fixed bug in selecting non-rendered data points in Scatter2D plots (complete).
4. Fixed bug when parsing Metabase XML files.

# Version 26.9 (02-04-2020)

1. Fixed bug in selecting non-rendered data points in Scatter2D plots.
2. Fixed useless clicks in Correlation graphs.
3. Fixed bug in legend filtering in density plots.
4. Fixed bug in masking chord graphs when mouse over legends.

# Version 26.8 (01-26-2020)

1. Fix multiple bugs.

# Version 26.7 (01-20-2020)

1. Implemented qq function.
2. Implemented runif function.
3. Implemented QQ-Plot.
4. Auto adjust the height for the axis histograms in scatter plots.
5. Implemented rugs in Scatter plots (including density and histograms).
6. Implemented empirical CDF plots.

# Version 26.6 (01-12-2020)

1. Implemented editing graph in JSFiddle.
2. Improved Scatter Matrix Plots (examples to come).
3. Fixed bug in Network graphs in R.
4. Changed examples pages (more changes to come).
5. Improved performance for web pages with multiple CanvasXpress instances.
6. Fixed bug in setting color scheme after modifying functions.
7. Improved clipping function for decorations in Scatter 2D layout plots.
8. Implemented editing of graph in JS Fiddle.

# Version 26.5 (12-13-2019)

1. Fixed bug in Gantt Charts in R.
2. Start adding support for CodeMirror.
3. Changed style all widgets.
4. Changed style when displaying code.

# Version 26.4 (12-10-2019)

1. Added line numbers when displaying code.
2. Fixed bug in heatmap histogram indicator.
3. Fixed bug in setting color schemes and color spectrums in overlays in one dimensional plots.
4. Fixed bugs in Reproducible Research web page.
5. Fixed bug in validating JSON in networks when run in R.
6. Added implementation for NodeJS, ReactJS and AngularJS.

# Version 26.3 (12-07-2019)

1. Start changes for react.
2. Included all external libraries into the main CanvasXpress code.
3. Fixed bug in setting colors and displaying correlations in R.

# Version 26.2 (11-29-2019)

1. Fixed bug with decorations.

# Version 26.1 (11-27-2019)

1. Fixed bug in displaying oncoprints in R.
2. Added function to validate oncoprint extra data objects.
3. Added function to validate parameter types on initialization.
4. Fixed bug when producing color format for JSON and R code.
5. Fixed bug in remote graph which were broken in the previous version.
6. Added correlation value (R) to matrix scatter 2D plots.

# Version 26.0 (11-24-2019)

1. Remove empty meta data on loading additional files.
2. Add parameter to hide names in overlays (see [var|smp]OverlayProperties).
3. Added major improvement for oncoprint visualizations (more to come).
4. Added parameter to cycle between Oncoprint and Heatmap visualizations.
5. Added parameter to hide samples with no alterations in oncoprints.
6. Added legend filtering to oncoprints.
7. Added parameters to summarize alterations in oncoprints.
8. Remove vendor for the meta data object and set it as parameter in Networks.
9. Fixed bug in maps when handling properties with null values.
10. Added ability to center labels in ungrouped data sets.

# Version 25.9 (11-14-2019)

1. Added ability to append meta data to current data set and replace to initial cache.
2. Added ability to append additional data sets in the data.y. object.
3. Added parameter to automatically set the legend position (legendPositionAuto).
4. Fixed bug in segregated plots that are pivoted.

# Version 25.8 (11-12-2019)

1. Added parameter to hide outline in dotplots and boxplots (dotplotOutlineThreshold)
2. Fixed bug in drawing labels of groups data when it is not rotated to 90 degrees.

# Version 25.7 (11-10-2019)

1. Removed class CanvasXpress-ParentNode when working in shiny.
2. Improved support for map without using Leaflet.
3. Fixed bug in tracking events for reproducible research in maps.
4. Fixed bug in configurator to adjust properties for node and edges in Networks.
5. Improved zooming of networks.
6. Added more map examples.

# Version 25.6 (10-20-2019)

1. Added support for automated label grouping in one dimensional graphs.
2. Fixed bug in transition method (which was broken in previous version).

# Version 25.5 (10-06-2019)

1. Fixed issues in web site home page.
2. Fixed bug in clipped areas preventing decorations to show.
3. Prevent some graphs to be segregated.
4. Fixed bugs in Gantt charts to properly display completion.
5. Fixed bugs in legend filtering with Layout plots.
6. Make violin graphs background transparent if individual data points are shown.
7. Add parameter to color background of violins when data point are shown (violinColor).
8. Add parameter to color background of boxplots when data point are shown (boxplotColor).
9. Add parameter to add transparency to background color of boxplots when data point are shown (boxplotTransparency).
10. Fixed bug in drawing frame for histograms with scatter plots.

# Version 25.4 (09-27-2019)

1. Fixed bug in selecting axis values with very small ranges.
2. Refreshed the CanvasXpress Web site.

# Version 25.3 (09-16-2019)

1. Improved slider for remote data (really cool).
2. Fixed bug in checking binary factor when null data is present.
3. Fixed bug in overwriting example R files for Gantt charts.

# Version 25.2 (09-13-2019)

1. Fixed bug in segregation plots when testing for boolean factors.
2. Fixed bug showing tooltips in one dimensional layout plots.
3. Improved visualizations in remote plots.

# Version 25.1 (09-12-2019)

1. Improved graph transitions.
2. Fixed bug in Gantt charts produced in R.
3. Added parameter to draw rounded rectangles in bar, stacked and boxplot graphs. (useRoundRectangles).
4. Added parameter to add transparency to all elements in plots.
5. Improved position for legends in scatter layout plots.
6. Fixed bug in lollipop plots in positioning the end dots.

# Version 25.0 (08-30-2019)

1. Implemented Gantt charts.
2. Added parameter to use regular shapes when shapeBy is continuous data (shapeByContinuous).
3. Fixed small bugs in R code creation.
4. Improved handling of topology layout graphs.
5. Fixed issues in CanvasXpress web site pages.
6. Removed Candlestick plots :-(
7. Removed support for Video :-(
8. Added to version tooltip the version used to create the original plot.

# Version 24.9 (08-18-2019)

1. Improve Network layouts.
2. Added circular layout for network plots.
3. Implemented network metrics.
4. Fixed double approximation issues in tick labels in centered heatmaps.

# Version 24.8 (07-26-2019)

1. Fixed bug in connectBy graphs when factor is in variable annotation.
2. Added ability to load tsv file as an edge file to create networks.
3. Added summary metrics for Network graph.

# Version 24.7 (07-23-2019)

1. Simplify method to update metadata.
2. Fixed bug in legend filtering in layout plots.
3. Fixed bug in reseting connectBy legends in layout plots.

# Version 24.6 (07-19-2019)

1. Fixed bug in tooltips with Dendrograms in Circular plots.
2. Fixed bug in setting color in nodes in Network plots in R.
3. Added parameters to customize connect lines in connectBy plots (connectKey).
4. Added parameter to prevent coloring lines in connectBy plots (connectByNoColor).
5. Added parameter to hide the connectBy legend (connectByShowLegend).
6. Fixed bug in coloring Network plots.
7. Fixed bug in Networks that contain elbow edges.

# Version 24.5 (06-25-2019)

1. Fixed bug in calculating scale factors in Networks.
2. Fixed bug in filtering data table with Network data.
3. Fixed bug in legend filtering.
4. Fixed bug in setting colors in circular graphs.
5. Disabled transitions on legend filtering.

# Version 24.4 (06-23-2019)

1. Added debugging examples in remote data sets visualizations.
2. Fixed bug in setting color keys drawing legends.
3. Added parameter to change the transparency of violins.
4. Added parameter to change border color of violins.
5. Added parameter to change border color of boxplots.
6. Fixed bug in filtering samples when data is grouped using the filters or the legends.
7. Improved coloring of networks.
8. Added ability to position legends in Networks.
9. Fixed bug in tooltips in segregated plots.
10. Improved filtering capabilities in data filter and legends.

# Version 24.3 (06-12-2019)

1. Implemented loading string data.
2. Fixed bug in reproducing data that skipped initial rendering.
3. Added parameter to print every state when reproducing data.
4. Added ability to overwrite parameters in the url (?parameter=value).

# Version 24.2 (05-28-2019)

1. Removed segregate data from menu in Scatter 3D plots.
2. Removed nodejs hooks.

# Version 24.1 (05-24-2019)

1. Fixed bug introduced in version 23.8 for reloading summarized data.

# Version 24.0 (05-17-2019)

1. Fixed bug in dragging objects under reproducible research.
2. Fixed bug in drag'n drop in data explorer when multiple canvas are in one page.
3. Added parameters to disable effects in CanvasXpress.
4. Added mouse position when dragging event is ongoing.
5. Added checking when trying to convert string factors to string.
6. Added checking when trying to convert numeric factors to numeric.

# Version 23.9 (04-28-2019)

1. Fixed bug in reloading of summarized data plots.
2. Add redundancy for format to segregate data with duplicate labels.

# Version 23.8 (04-24-2019)

1. Fixed bug introduced in previous version in DOE plots (Oooops).
2. Fixed bug for setting range in summary data sets with error bars.
3. Improved layout for color indicator.

# Version 23.7 (04-23-2019)

1. Fixed bug in mean summarized data.
2. Fixed bug in segregated layout plots with samples with identical labels.
3. Fixed bug having 'all' null annotations.

# Version 23.6 (04-05-2019)

1. Removed Genie effect which was broken by new version of Chrome.
2. Implemented magic events to replace Genie.

# Version 23.5 (04-03-2019)

1. Added property mask for Tag Clouds (not implemented yet).
2. Implemented layout type to put labels horizontally, vertically or both.
3. Modified logic in segregation plots to fixed a bug in the Single Cell Viewer (external app).
4. Fixed bug in drawing markers.

# Version 23.4 (03-19-2019)

1. Fixed bug drawing lines of zero length.
2. Improved layout for Tag Clouds.
3. Added shape for Tag Clouds.

# Version 23.3 (02-20-2019)

1. Added line across samples with same label for better identification.
2. Fixed Kaplan-Meier R examples.
2. Fixed NonLienear-Fit R examples.

# Version 23.2 (02-19-2019)

1. Fixed bug in calculating label position across samples with same label.
2. Fixed bug in setting dimensions for legend overlays.
3. Remove state parameter when working in R.

# Version 23.1 (02-12-2019)

1. Fixed bug in summarized boxplots.

# Version 23.0 (02-01-2019)

1. Fixed bug reseting sample indices in DOE layout graphs.
2. Implemented drag'n drop panels in DOE layout graphs.
3. Implemented new methods to calculate Kaplan Meier curves.
4. Added support for Kaplan Meier plots in DOE graphs.
5. Fixed bug placing sample labels in one dimensional plots.

# Version 22.9 (01-17-2019)

1. Fixed another bug in range setting after transformations.
2. Fixed bug in Sunburst tooltips.
3. Fixed bug in bubble graph transitions.
4. Added parameter to shape correlation plots.

# Version 22.8 (01-16-2019)

1. Fixed bug in converting data to null values when non-appropriate transformations.
2. Fixed bug introduced in previous version in circular graphs.
3. Make radar plots close lines and areas.
4. Fixed bug in sunburst and donnut plots transitions.

# Version 22.7 (01-15-2019)

1. Added parameter to coordinate values in -Line combination plots.
2. Fixed bug in adjusted layout plots.
3. Converted data to null values when transformation are not appropriate.

# Version 22.6 (01-10-2019)

1. Fixed testing files in R package.
2. Added layout configuration parameter to produce complex graphs. (More to come).

# Version 22.5 (01-09-2019)

1. Added Spider plots.
2. Fixed bug in pivoting data.
3. Fixed bug in converting null values to zero.
4. Added more examples to circular graphs.

# Version 22.4 (01-08-2019)

1. Improved Circular plots for only connection plots.
2. Fixed bug in correlation plot when data is segregated.
3. Fixed bug in positioning sample labels.
4. Fixed bug in number approximation in JavaScript.
5. Implemented SAS Swimmer plots.
6. Added arrow type and swimmer type to bar graphs.
7. Added Boolean type to overlays to support (SAS) swimmer plots.
8. Added parameter to support (SAS) swimmer plots (swimHigh, swimStart, swimEnd, swimDurable, swimStatus, swimHighCap).
9. Forced to omit null data in calculations when grouping data.
10. Fixed small spacing in labels in one dimensional plots.

# Version 22.3 (12-31-2018)

1. Fixed bug in displaying legends after pivoting data.
2. Improved transitions for correlation and histogram plots.

# Version 22.2 (12-29-2018)

1. Improved optimization of font selection in layout graphs.
2. Fixed bug in placement of axis and sample titles in layout plots.

# Version 22.1 (12-28-2018)

1. Added global search in data table.
2. Added Genie effect to table view / graph.
3. Fixed bug in sorting by sample or variable intensity.

# Version 22.0 (12-27-2018)

1. Added method to draw rounded polygons.
2. Added CSS animation to images in UIs.
3. Added table view as a parameter to show table instead of plot ('view').
4. Added method to append meta data (appendMetaData).
5. Added parameter to sort data at load time.
6. Fixed bug in CSS for video graphs.
7. Adjust decoration labels in one dimensional plots for R plots.

# Version 21.9 (12-19-2018)

1. Minor changes for node.js.
2. Fixed bug in sorting segregated data.
3. Improved pivoting data methods.
4. Added scope for decoration lines in one dimensional plots.
5. Fixed bug in reseting sorting after filtering.
6. Added sorting to data explorer.
7. Adjust decoration labels in one dimensional plots.

# Version 21.8 (12-02-2018)

1. Consolidated methods to produce nicely formated values.
2. Start implementation for use with node.js (more to come).
3. Fixed bug in layout legends.
4. Added range boxplots.
5. Added ability to install from npm or bower.

# Version 21.7 (11-21-2018)

1. Fixed mis-aligned cell boxes in heatmap.
2. Added key to override disabling UI interfaces (dblclick + CTRL).
3. Fixed bug in faceted violin plots.
4. Improve rendering of circular plots.
5. Implemented method to draw raw lines.
6. Fixed bug when coloring selected data points in scatter plots.

# Version 21.6 (11-13-2018)

1. Implemented programmatic printing of thumbnails for all graphs except video.
2. Added ability to convert DOM tables into canvasXpress objects.
3. Fixed bugs in tooltip over arc text in circular plots.

# Version 21.5 (11-09-2018)

1. Implemented onReady function.
2. Fix bugs in highlighting arc text in circular and sunburst graphs.
3. Improve reactive behavior when resizing window.
4. Improve integration with Reveal.js.

# Version 21.4 (11-04-2018)

1. Improved layout for Metabase Pathways.
2. Automated font selection in trellis labels in layout plots.
3. Fixed bug printing PNGs from R-Studio using webshot (PhantomJS).
4. Added compatible mode for Reveal.js (online - presentations).
5. Added parameter to change the transition effects in remote graphs.
6. Replaced parameter showRemoteTransition by remoteTransitionEffect (set value to none).
7. Fixed bug setting correlation legend.

# Version 21.3 (10-25-2018)

1. Added method to colorize images in networks.
2. Added method to store functions in CanvasXpress json object.
3. Improved layout for Metabase Pathways.
4. Added parameter to hide legend titles (showLegendTitle).

# Version 21.2 (10-21-2018)

1. Fixed bug in positioning top legends in layout plots.
2. Improved layout for Metabase Pathways (more to come).
3. Improved layout for Wikipathways
4. Implemented lasso selection for Scatter2D plots.

# Version 21.1 (09-30-2018)

1. Fixed bug in setting colors and order for correlations.
2. Added self edges in networks.
3. Improved layout for Metabase networks.
4. Fixed bug in selecting data point using ctrl-key.
5. Fixed bug in click-to-select.
6. Added parameter to start data points selected in Scatter 2D plots.
7. Fixed bug in Dotplots legend filtering.
8. Fixed bug in legend positioning in layout plots.

# Version 21.0 (09-27-2018)

1. Fixed bug in setting colors in AreaLine plots.
2. Fixed bug in web page generation of R code.
3. Fixed bug in hiding regression lines when legend filtering.
4. Fixed bug in selection of data points in Scatter 2D plots.
5. Fixed bug in drawing sample names in layout plots.

# Version 20.9 (09-23-2018)

1. Added ability to plot correlation line for multiple series.
2. Added ability to position legend on top or on left side.
3. Fixed bug in zooming scatter plots.

# Version 20.8 (09-08-2018)

1. Added ability to import Cytoscape xgmml network graphs.
2. Added examples for loading networks through urls.
3. Added ability to change color spectrum using a scheme.
4. Added additional color schemes.
5. Added ability to convert colors for different blind types.
6. Fixed bug in layout segregation plots.
7. Added zoomDisable property to apply to all visualizations.
8. Added ability to plot correlation line for multiple series.
9. Added ability to position legend on top or on left side.
10. Fixed bug in zooming scatter plots.

# Version 20.7 (09-05-2018)

1. Fixed many bugs in the R interface for Networks in RStudio.
2. Added ability to load files in urls to plot KEGG networks.
3. Added ability to include images from different urls in Networks.
4. Added ability to generate R code from the JavaScript UI.
5. Fixed some bugs in rendering remote graphs.
6. Fixed rendering of maps in RStudio.
7. Added ability to print plots containing external images.
8. Added parameter to include additional network data remotely.

# Version 20.6 (08-24-2018)

1. Fixed more bugs in legend filtering in density plots.
2. Improved animation in histograms.
3. Added ability to draw correlation series in scatter 2D plots.
4. Added ability to drag'n drop urls into canvas.
5. Fixed bugs in data explorer.
6. Fixed bugs in layout violin plots.
7. Added ability to plot exponential and logarithmic regressions.
8. Added parameters to better customize fitting modeling (regression and loess).

# Version 20.5 (08-12-2018)

1. Fixed bugs in legend filtering.
2. Fixed bugs in R data examples.

# Version 20.4 (08-10-2018)

1. Fixed some bugs in legend filtering.
2. Implemented density profiles in 2D Scatter plots.
3. Implemented filled density profiles.
4. Implemented median plotting in density and histogram plots.
5. Fixed bug in summary boxplots.
6. Fixed bugs in hiding outliers in violin plots.
7. Added ability to read parameters from the url.
8. Added ability to produce thumbnails in the command line or url.

# Version 20.3 (08-05-2018)

1. Fixed bug in layout binned data in boxplots.
2. Added parameter to change error bars color.
3. Added parameter to change error bars thickness.
4. Added more examples for dotplots.
5. Improved performance for rendering heatmaps after panning.
6. Implemented panning of scatter plots after initial zoom.
7. Fixed bug in adjusting heatmap ranges after zooming and panning.

# Version 20.2 (08-02-2018)

1. Added parameter to convert sample and/or variable data to factors at load time.
2. Added use strict to the library.
3. Added parameter to transpose the data at load time.
4. Fix bug when loading data in a URL using a PNG file.
5. Fix bug in highlighting overlays.
6. Improved documentation web pages.
7. Added boxplotCoef parameter.
8. Add parameter for function to calculate boxplot hinges (boxplotHingeFunction).
9. Implemented confidence for boxplots.
10. Implemented notched boxplots the same as in R.
11. Implemented coloring of JSON objects for clarity.
12. Added multiple examples to boxplots and violins visualizations.
13. Improve performance in rendering heatmaps.
14. Replaced animated loading image with CSS based timer-loader.

# Version 20.1 (07-20-2018)

1. Fixed bugs in legend click filtering in some visualizations.
2. Added ability to specify filename when saving the canvas saveFilename.
3. Added parameter to convert numeric sample and variable factors to strings at load time.
4. Added full information of boxplot when mouse-over violin.

# Version 20.0 (07-18-2018)

1. Implemented legend filtering in most visualizations.
2. Fixed bug in showing code in Sankey diagrams.
3. Add parameter to suppress function names in after render (showFunctionNamesAfterRender).
4. Disabled legend click filtering when sizing is not categorical.
5. Fixed bug in Sunburst plot legends.
6. Brought loess fit lines on top of data points in Scatter plots.
7. Fixed bugs in Tag Cloud plots.
8. Fixed bugs in Bubble plots.

# Version 19.9 (07-15-2018)

1. Improved axis value selection in layout scatter plots.
2. Fixed bug in filtering by legend click in parallel lines and radar plots.
3. Fixed bug in DOE layout plots.

# Version 19.8 (07-13-2018)

1. Improved performance on rendering large data sets.
2. Fixed small bug in legends in layout plots.
3. Fixed bug in overlay labels.
4. Fixed upload image css.

# Version 19.7 (07-06-2018)

1. Move CanvasXpress to new server.

# Version 19.6 (06-24-2018)

1. Fixed small bug in sizing data by samples in Scatter plots.

# Version 19.5 (6-22-2018)

1. Implemented segregation by samples in layout graphs for scatter plots.
2. Fixed bug in setting legend in layout scatter plots.
3. Added ability to show/hide individual overlay legends.
4. Fixed bug in transparency of show/hide legend click functionality.
5. Modified functionality to load / save CanvasXpress parameters.
6. Added ability to drop parameters file in current CanvasXpress visualization.

# Version 19.4 (6-20-2018)

1. Fixed bug in layout of violin plots.
2. Improved performance when rendering large data sets in scatter plots.
3. Fixed bug in rendering point sizes in scatter plots.
4. Improved functionality of hiding elements when clicking in legends.
5. Implemented warning flag to prevent alerts when data is mis-configured.
6. Fixed legends in layout plots.
7. Fixed bug in layout titles for scatter plots.

# Version 19.30 (6-15-2018)

1. Fixed bug in violin plots.
2. Implemented histograms of data in violin plots.
3. Added ability to hide boxplot when showing a violin plot.
4. Implemented density algorithm to match that one in R.
5. Implemented histogram function to match that one in R.
6. Implemented fivenum function to match that one in R.
7. Implemented flow cytometry density plots. (Examples to come).
8. Disable Genie effects in Safari.
9. Disable show the toolbar on load.
10. Implemented first version of filtering by click in legends.

# Version 19.2 (05-29-2018)

1. Added Genie and Dock effects to UI widgets and toolbar similar to those in Macs.
2. Added segregation (facets) to Scatter plots.
3. Minor bug fixes.

# Version 19.1 (05-04-2018)

1. Added ability to load data from URL.
2. Added parameter to disable transitions in remote graphs (showRemoteTransition).
3. Change all the icons for the UIs and fixed small CSS style issues.

# Version 19.0 (04-15-2018)

1. Removed Javascript Promises when using R-Studio.

# Version 18.9 (03-30-2018)

1. Fixed bug in reproducing overlay settings.
2. Added maximize/minimize method to Reproducible Research.
3. Added Array.prototype.fill polyfill method to cope with R-Studio.
4. Added Object.assign polyfill method to cope with R-Studio.
5. Added Array.prototype.map polyfill method to cope with R-Studio.
6. Added Array.prototype.findIndex polyfill method to cope with R-Studio.
7. Improved Reproducible Research widget. Really cool!
8. Fixed small bugs in motion graphs.
9. Changed opacity for all widgets to 0.95.
10. Fixed small bugs in transitions in Radar plots.
11. Performance improvements.
12. Added JSON.decycle and JSON.retrocycle but not implemented yet.

# Version 18.8 (03-14-2018)

1. Fixed bug for BarLines and DotLines graphs introduced in version 18.7.
2. Fixed bug in selection functions in scatter plots.
3. Fixed bug in clipping method for all visualizations.

# Version 18.7 (03-12-2018)

1. Fixed bug in layout graphs with segregation.
2. Automated showing of sample names on segregated layout plots.
3. Improved management of data point sizes in graphs.
4. Fixed bug in handling null data points.
5. Improved transition between circular graph and other visualizations.
6. Added method to demo user customization for Reproducible Research (Ctrl+Alt+D).
7. Fixed small bug in calculating block size in BarLine and DotLines graphs.

# Version 18.6 (03-04-2018)

1. Implemented ideograms inspired by circos plots (with lots of manipulations).
2. Fixed small bug in layoutTopology parameter.
3. Implemented label type in marker decorations.

# Version 18.5 (02-08-2018)

1. Fixed small bug in mouse over dendrograms in circular graphs.
2. Removed compatibility mode for ExtJS.
3. Fixed small bug in setting overlay legends.
4. Fixed bug in calculation of rotated variable labels in heatmaps.
5. Improved layout for the heatmap indicator.
6. Implemented columns in variable overlays legends (varOverlaysLegendColumns).
7. Implemented columns in sample overlays legends (smpOverlaysLegendColumns).
8. Improved layout in overlay factor labels.

# Version 18.4 (02-07-2018)

1. Improved motion graphs.
2. Implemented circular dendrograms in circular graphs.
3. Implemented pch shapes to be R compatible.
4. Implemented lty lines to be R compatible.
5. Fixed minor bugs in axis setting in circular graphs.
6. Fixed small bug in rotating dendrogram branches.

# Version 18.3 (01-31-2018)

1. Implemented examples for most parameters.
2. Removed obsolete axis resizer.

# Version 18.2 (12-20-2017)

1. Added ability to Undo (Ctrl-z) and Redo (Ctrl-y) to most visualizations.
2. Fixed bugs in contour plots.
3. Fixed bugs in time series data plotting.

# Version 18.1 (12-19-2017)

1. Fixed bug in sample title spacing in one-D plots.
2. Added ability to import KGML files from Kegg pathways into CanvasXpress.

# Version 18.0 (12-17-2017)

1. Added Circular layout to network graphs.
2. Added ability to import GML files into CanvasXpress.
3. Fixed small bug in data table to display data for Network graphs.
4. Added ability to import GPML files from Wikipathways into CanvasXpress.
5. Implemented dynamic color, shape, size and pattern change for nodes in Networks.
6. Added ability to overlay data to Networks. Really cool!
7. Added dynamic legends to networks for nodes and edges.
8. Added ability to color network graphs.

# Version 17.9 (11-22-2017)

1. Major improvements in data table and data filter. More to come!
2. Fixed bug in legends.

# Version 17.8 (11-09-2017)

1. Improved loading of large data sets.
2. Fixed bug specifying color schemes and color brews in overlays.
3. Fix bug in layout legends.
4. Added ability to print high resolution graphs (Courtesy of Baohong Zhang).
5. Fixed bug in setting marker position when image is resized.
6. Implemented skipping of comment lines (#) in delimited text files.

# Version 17.7 (11-06-2017)

1. Added parameter to specify the value missing data (default is 'NA').
2. Fixed css in Data explorer to make it compatible with contentbuilder.js.
3. Fixed bug in Legend size after resizing layout plots.
4. Fixed bug in resizing dots after resizing image (including legends).
5. Fixed bug in adjusting size of canvas after de-segregation of variable/samples.
6. Fixed bug in not honoring de-segregation in after render function.
7. Add parameter to specify better control for jittering of dots in plots.
8. Fixed few bugs in connect boxplots behaviors.

# Version 17.6 (10-31-2017)

1. Implemented Drag'n Drop for loading data in current canvas.
2. Improved detection of csv imported data.
3. Implemented ability to plot non-numeric data by using counts.
4. Fixed bug in calculating bin number in histograms.
5. Added parameter to specify summary type for the data.
6. Fixed bug in menus when un-setting data properties

# Version 17.5 (10-25-2017)

1. Fixed bug in specifying dendrograms in Newick format present since v-16.8.

# Version 17.4 (10-01-2017)

1. Fixed bug in displaying overlays in layouts.
2. Added parameter to set the the layout topology (layoutTopology).

# Version 17.3 (09-20-2017)

1. Implemented Object.assign test to cope with R-Studio.
2. Implemented Themes 'ala' ggthemes.
3. Fixed bug in labels in BarLine and DotLine graphs.
4. Fix bug in linear regression calculation.
5. Fix bug in variable labels alignment in Heatmaps.
6. Added link to canvasDesigner by Baohong Zhang.
7. Added example for events in documentation page.

# Version 17.2 (09-07-2017)

1. Changed fivenum algorithm to match that of R.
2. Add parameter to sort case sensitive/insensitive.
3. Fixed small bug in sorting after resizing graphs.
4. Changed business login when sorting.

# Version 17.1 (09-05-2017)

1. Fixed bug in arch transitions.

# Version 17.0 (09-01-2017)

1. Fixed many R Examples.
2. Fixed dimensions for circular graphs after resizing.
3. Implemented Array.from to cope with R-Studio.
4. Fixed bug in non-linear fit graphs.

# Version 16.9 (08-30-2017)

1. Added R Code to all examples.
2. Change Layout of home page to accommodate a larger number of examples.
3. Changed web pages to show code (R and JS) and data with bootstrap components.
4. Small bug fixes related to the R package.

# Version 16.8 (08-27-2017)

1. Changed sunburstHierarchy parameter to hierarchy.
2. Changed sankeyHierarchy parameter to hierarchy.
3. Changed treeHierarchy parameter to hierarchy.
4. Implemented Bubble graphs based on awesome D3.
5. Improved transitions for all circular graphs.
6. Removed parameters 'a', 't', 'desc' and 'd' from data object.
7. Object data.a.xAxis converted to property xAxis.
8. Object data.a.xAxis2 converted to property xAxis2.
9. Object data.t.vars converted to property varDendrogramNewick.
10. Object data.t.smps converted to property smpDendrogramNewick.
11. Object data.d converted to property decorations.
12. First version of Javascript to R function.

# Version 16.7 (08-11-2017)

1. Changed parameter smpHairline to guides
2. Added guides to multidimensional heatmaps
3. Implemented stacked dotplots (also called dumbbell charts); see dotplotType.
4. Added connectBy method for variable annotations in Dotplot to enable dumbbell charts.
5. Added ability to plot lollipop bar graphs; see barType.
6. Implemented divergent stackedbar graphs.
7. Implemented radar graphs; see circularType.
8. Changed default for legends in circular graphs.
9. Implemented chord graphs.
10. Fixed small bug in reproducible research methods.
11. Fixed small bug in connected boxplots.
12. Improved method to format tick axes.
13. Fixed small bug in data sorting.

# Version 16.6 (07-13-2017)

1. Fixed bug printing SVG images.
2. Improved layout of small heatmaps sizes.
3. Fixed small bug in sorting filtered samples in boxplots.
4. Fixed bug in resizing the tool bar in remote services.
5. Fixed bug in showing color indicator in maps (after the transition events refactoring).
6. Cleaned unused functions in the menu UI.
7. Improved overall performance (after the transition events refactoring).
8. Tuned transition for Sankey diagrams.

# Version 16.5 (06-26-2017)

1. Changes in the web site to improve performance and minor bug fixes.

# Version 16.4 (06-26-2017)

1. Added z-index to tooltip to fix bug with overlapping canvases.
2. Fixed small bugs in genome browser.

# Version 16.3 (06-21-2017)

1. Remove is1DPlotting parameter.
2. Added graph transitions inspired by attending OpenVis 2017 (kind of Beta).

# Version 16.2 (05-30-2017)

1. Added mouse over to outliers with summarized data in boxplots.
2. Significant re-factoring of code to support graph transitions (coming soon)!

# Version 16.1 (05-23-2017)

1. Fixed bug in heatmaps with hidden dendrograms.
2. Fixed bug showing outliers with summarized data.

# Version 16.0 (05-19-2017)

1. Fixed bug in axis when loading summarized data.
2. Fixed bug in assigning color to dendrogram branches.
3. Added to include outliers with summarized data.
4. Remove click from terminal nodes in dendrograms.

# Version 15.9 (05-16-2017)

1. Added inversion for tree graphs.
2. Modify parsing of Newick format to include names of branches.
3. Fixed small bug in truncating long overlay names.
4. Set ground work for graph transitions.

# Version 15.8 (05-09-2017)

1. Modified default mouse over for overlays to show only factor and level.

# Version 15.7 (05-09-2017)

1. Fixed bug in hiding dendrograms.
2. Added ability to plot summarized data to reduce the size of the data set.
3. Fixed bug in dragging menus.

# Version 15.6 (05-05-2017)

1. Added Tree graphs based on the awesome D3 library.
2. Rolled back fix for resolution and spacing in over crowded bar graphs.

# Version 15.5 (04-23-2017)

1. Added Highlighting of dendrograms to match samples and variables.
2. Added ability to color dendrograms by variable and sample annotation.

# Version 15.4 (04-20-2017)

1. Fixed z-index bug in showing JSON for reproducible research.
2. Improved resolution and spacing in over crowded bar graphs.
3. Improved resolution for error bars.
4. Improved logic to set min and max values in axes to account for data point size.

# Version 15.3 (04-16-2017)

1. Improved integration with Leaflet.
2. Fixed bug drawing outlines when drawing rectangles shapes.

# Version 15.2 (03-31-2017)

1. Improved support for saving SVG graphs.
2. Added support for Treemaps in Overlays.
3. Added ability to add custom data filters to global canvas.
4. Added ability to move canvas.
5. Added tracking for custom filters and canvas moves for Reproducible Research.
6. Added highlight to sample group defined by connectBy.
7. Added Black & White color scheme.
8. Added automation of pattern fills when colors are limited.

# Version 15.1 (03-27-2017)

1. Fixed small typos in documentation.
2. Excluded empty overlays ('-') from legends.
3. Added ability to change sample and variable overlay color schemes on the fly.
4. Added ability to modify position for legend overlays.
5. Implemented exporting image as SVG using canvas2svg.js

# Version 15.0 (03-20-2017)

1. Modified way to clean events to deal with Google-Chrome annoyances.
2. Changed several icons to set consistent style.
3. Added dragging events to Sankey diagrams.
4. Fixed bug when zooming after transposing data.
5. Fixed bug when zooming after grouping and sorting data.
6. Optimized tracking of Reproducible Research modifications.
7. Changed default to null for non-numeric data in data.y object.

# Version 14.9 (03-14-2017)

1. Added default values for missing data points in custom properties.
2. Fixed bug in marker configurator.
3. Fix bug in opening files to update data.
4. Fix bug in property validation with grouped samples.
5. Added ability to sort legend levels.
6. Improved display for grouped data when data is colored by an included factor.
7. Added ability to add markers without lines (types: line|annotation).

# Version 14.8 (03-12-2017)

1. Fixed bug when parsing files.
2. Refactor color validation methods.
3. Implemented Sankey diagrams (based on D3.js).
4. Fixed bug in playing back user interactions (Reproducible Research).
5. Fix bug in setting colors in 2D-Scatter Plots.
6. Added ability to custom color, shape, size and pattern data points.
7. Remove property updateMetadataColorProperties (impact older versions).
8. Added extra validation for property values.
9. Refactor method to get property values.

# Version 14.7 (03-06-2017)

1. Added item to menus to show/hide legend overlays.
2. Fixed bugs in 3D bar plots.
3. Adjusted width of bars in 3D plots.
4. Added better highlight for 3D bar graphs.
5. Added ability to code strings annotations into variables or samples.
6. Added setting of current CanvasXpress object after rendering.
7. Fixed bug in setting sample labels in one dimensional graphs.
8. Fixed bugs in setting font sizes when resizing canvas.
9. Added better highlighting for area graphs.
10. Implemented Parallel Coordinates graphs.

# Version 14.6 (03-01-2017)

1. Added better highlighting for spline objects and lines.
2. Added support for lines in one dimensional graphs.
3. Add ability to add markers in multiple graphs.
4. Modify validation of urls for remote data.
5. Fixed bug in histograms in Scatter2D plots.
6. Fixed bug in zooming in transformed data in Scatter plots.

# Version 14.5 (02-22-2017)

1. Fix bugs making high resolution graphs.
2. Fix bug in sample segregation after transforming data.
3. Fix bug in remote data managing.

# Version 14.4 (02-21-2017)

1. Small changes in css for Data Table and Data Filter.
2. Added transform type to Axis when data is transformed.
3. Use a method to improve the graph quality of the canvas.
4. Changed default foreground color to black.
5. Fixed bug in axis drawing to improved resolution in circular graphs.

# Version 14.3 (02-19-2017)

1. Small changes in Data Explorer css.

# Version 14.2 (02-19-2017)

1. Refactor methods to find unique elements in objects and arrays.
2. Added method to change unique annotations to ids.
3. Improved Treemap visualizations.
4. Added ability to group Stacked graphs.
5. Implemented Treemaps in Stacked graphs.
6. Added cue to identify unique annotations in the data explorer (blue).
7. Fix 'preventive bug' to ungroup samples when switch vars or smps [isGroupedData : false].
8. Added treemapBy to menus for stacked graphs.

# Version 14.1 (02-12-2017)

1. Implemented highlight of elements on mouse over.
2. Minor fixed in Scatter2D plots.
3. Fixed bug with null values in heatmaps.
4. Fixed bug in segregation of samples in circular graphs.
5. Fixed minor bug in axis value selection for scatter and circular plots
6. More code refactoring.

# Version 14.0 (02-05-2017)

1. Added support for smpLabelInterval in Circular graphs.
2. Fixed bug getting sample annotations.
3. Added color indicator for circular graphs.
4. Improved layout for the data rings in circular graphs.
5. Fixed bug in color spectrum breaks.
6. Added mouse over events for circular graphs.
7. Fixed bug in Scatter3D plots

# Version 13.9 (01-31-2017)

1. Fixed bugs in violin plots.
2. Fixed bugs with legends in layout plots.
3. Fixed bugs in Network selection by dragging.
4. Added more functionality to connection lines in boxplots.
5. Fixed sample naming in layout plots.
6. More code refactoring.

# Version 13.8 (01-27-2017)

1. Fixed bug in reproducible filtering and sorting methods.
2. Some code refactoring.

# Version 13.7 (01-26-2017)

1. Added ability to color the connection lines by the grouping in the boxplots.
2. Fixed bugs in catching single values events in boxplots showing original data.
3. Fixed bug with resizing canvas with mouse.
4. Reduce size of package.
5. Fix bug in DOE plot filtering.

# Version 13.6 (01-18-2017)

1. Fixed bug in custom menus.
2. Reduced the size of the CanvasXpress images.
3. Fixed bug in menu interface.
4. Added capability of connecting with numeric property with connectBy.

# Version 13.5 (01-10-2017)

1. Fixed bug in capturing events in non-CanvasXpress objects.

# Version 13.4 (01-09-2017)

1. Added spark-md5.js.
2. Added client utilities.
3. Fixed bug in showTooltipDiv method.
4. Added Leaflet soft integration.

# Version 13.3 (12-28-2016)

1. Fixed bug in zooming 1D contour plots.
2. Added full rotation for Scatter3D plots.
3. Removed viewport handlers for datatable, datafilter and configurator.

# Version 13.2 (12-08-2016)

1. Fixed small bugs in the data table menus.
2. Added ability to search in large menus.
3. Fixed bug in transpose method (with the meta data).
4. Added ability to add custom menus to toolbar.
5. Added tracking for custom menus in reproducible research.

# Version 13.1 (12-07-2016)

1. Fixed small bugs in segregation by variables.

# Version 13.0 (12-06-2016)

1. Fixed bug in layout plots to remove empty data.
2. Added flag to remove the empty plots in layout graphs.
3. Added ability to remove filtered plots in layout graphs.
4. Fixed bug in data filter scroller
5. Fixed small bugs in network decorations

# Version 12.9 (11-30-2016)

1. Fixed css to maximize graphs in Social page.
2. Added method to create error ellipses in Scatter plots.

# Version 12.8 (11-11-2016)

1. Added ability to color grouped boxplots by property if levels are unique.
2. Added Social link to navigation widget in home page.
3. Improved performance when plotting non grouped boxplots.
4. Added colorBy to Menus for all graphs.
5. Fixed bug in segregated plot with groups.
6. Added connect to boxplots when showing violin plots and original data.

# Version 12.7 (11-09-2016)

1. Release of Social Page.
2. Added expand collapse to data explorer.
3. Fixed bugs in keeping track of user modification in Data Explorer.

# Version 12.6 (11-03-2016)

1. Fixed bug in double precision in JavaScript for color indicators.
2. Fixed many bugs in Social page (coming really soon).

# Version 12.5 (10-27-2016)

1. First version of Social page (coming soon).
2. Fixed bug in axes for layout graphs without auto adjust.
3. Fixed bug in sample names for layout graphs without auto adjust.
4. Fixed bug in setting color brews when colorBy is set.

# Version 12.4 (10-16-2016)

1. Added axis transform to the menu UI (already in configurator).
2. Added motion graphs (really cool). Look at ScatterBubble2D examples.

# Version 12.3 (09-29-2016)

1. Fixed minor bugs and typos in web pages (example script).
2. Modified logic to adjust labels in one dimensional plots.
3. Implement scalable fonts and aspect ratio properties for media devices.
4. Fixed minor bugs in data explorer.
5. Added example page for contour graphs.

# Version 12.2 (09-14-2016)

1. Fixed minor bugs in Genome Browser.
2. Set maximum to 20 decimals when calculating axis values.
3. Fixed bug for mouse down events in Safari when dragging the canvas.

# Version 12.1 (09-12-2016)

1. Fixed minor issues with css.
2. Added tease to show mobile controls.

# Version 12.0 (09-11-2016)

1. Added better support for touch devices (more coming).

# Version 11.9 (09-05-2016)

1. Added event to resize color indicator on shift mouse down key.
2. Migrate Web site to Bootstrap.
3. Added method to resize canvas automatically when the window is resized.
4. Adjust CSS to be compatible with bootstrap.

# Version 11.8 (08-17-2016)

1. Added ability to drag samples / variables by overlay group.
2. Removed centerData parameter from clustering.
3. Changed default configuration in Heatmaps to match the pheatmap R library.
4. Fixed bug in plots where connectBy is specified.
5. Fixed bug validating color strings.
6. Added ability to show overlay variable/sample legends as in R pheatmaps library.

# Version 11.7 (08-08-2016)

1. Fixed floating point problem in histograms.
2. Added parameters to kmeans variables and samples, kmeansVarClusters and kmeansSmpClusters.
3. Deprecated parameter kmeansClusters.

# Version 11.6 (08-07-2016)

1. Minor bug fixes.

# Version 11.5 (08-07-2016)

1. Fixed bug in clustering with centered data.
2. Dropped support for IE < version 9.
3. Dropped support for Ext JS (Sencha).
4. Fixed Video Example in canvasXpress.org.

# Version 11.4 (08-05-2016)

1. Fixed major bugs in kmeans code (ooops!).
2. Implemented special sorting for kmeans clusters.
3. Added automated sorting of samples/variables after kmeans.
4. Fixed bug in color indicator with breaks in heatmaps.

# Version 11.3 (08-03-2016)

1. Added version to download page.

# Version 11.2 (08-02-2016)

1. More minor fixes.

# Version 11.1 (08-02-2016)

1. Minor fixes.

# Version 11.0 (07-29-2016)

1. Improved css for web site and software.
2. Added page for user interfaces.
3. Added page for user io operations.
4. Fixed bug in css hoverable border.

# Version 10.9 (07-26-2016)

1. Added page for Reproducible Research.
2. Added file upload to data explorer.
3. Added shortcut to reproduce method.
4. Added border to canvas when hover.

# Version 10.8 (07-24-2016)

1. Fixed bugs in heatmap menus.

# Version 10.7 (07-15-2016)

1. Fixed bug in Changing properties with the menus.

# Version 10.6 (07-15-2016)

1. Major re-factoring of menu class.
2. Make the menu creation dynamically to solve bug in layout plots.
3. Fixed bug showing sample names in layout plots.
4. Added version build date in JavaScript file and Changes page.
5. Disable the axis resizer.

# Version 10.5

1. Fixed bug in legends extending the height of the canvas.
2. Fixed bug in assigning colors to points when colors is smaller than the number of samples.
3. Fixed bug in show/hide axes in layout plots.

# Version 10.4

1. Take setTimeout function from Scatter plots dragging to improve performance.

# Version 10.3

1. Prevent overflooding of stack after zoom in/out.
2. Fixed type in index HTML page.
3. Implemented ability to drag context menus.
4. Fixed bug in plotting legends in DOE graphs.

# Version 10.2

1. Added examples for sprintf in some graphs.
2. Fixed another approximation bug in JavaScipt huh when formating values in axes.

# Version 10.1

1. Fixed the data formatting for axes using sprintf.

# Version 10.0

1. Fixed reading delimited files.
2. Fixed reproduce method in layout plots.
3. Improved formating of numbers.

# Version 9.9

1. Fixed performance of context menus.
2. Include remote script to get data (perl).

# Version 9.8

1. Fixed bug in log transformation of not grouped heatmaps.
2. Fixed bug in legend ordering of data.

# Version 9.7

1. Fix color indicator range after data transformation.
2. Fix boxplots with ratio transformed-data.
3. Fix bug in variable correlation plots.
4. Fix bug in Heatmaps setMin and setMax.

# Version 9.6

2. Change the window printType method to print to div rather than new window.
3. More changes in the data explorer (not ready yet).

# Version 9.5

2. Fixed bug in coloring connected point in Boxplots.

# Version 9.4

# Version 9.3

2. Fixed bugs in data transformation.
3. Added color when connecting data in boxplots.
4. Fixed bug in sizing labels in layout plots (Thank to Baohong Zhang for bug reporting).

# Version 9.2

2. Fixed examples in R package.
3. Added Google Fonts.
4. Fixed bug in zooming heatmaps in Firefox.

# Version 9.1

1. Fixed bug in the First release of Reproducible Research Graphs (Really cool!).

# Version 9.0

1. First release of Reproducible Research Graphs (Really cool!).
2. Added method to replay the user modifications.

# Version 8.9

1. Added various ways for plotting area graphs.
2. Changed mechanism to print using the FileSaver.js library.
3. First version of Reproducible Research.
4. Implemented ability to load data from json file.
5. Implemented ability to load data from url file.
6. Added data and Reproducible Research data to PNG file.
7. Implemented ability to load data from PNG file.
8. Added examples to load data remotely.
9. Implemented ability to load R data sets remotely.
10. Added method to get user configurations.

# Version 8.8

1. Better adjustment for axis ranges.
2. Added custom breaks for heatmaps.
3. Minor bugs fixed.

# Version 8.7

1. Improve performance rendering large data sets.
2. Added parameter to force the same range in axes for Scatter plots.
3. Improve outline for data points in Scatter plots.

# Version 8.6

1. Fixed minor bugs in layout plots.
2. Added multiple parameters to customize heatmap cell boxes including visibility, color and width.
3. Added ability to highlight heatmap cells.
4. Added ability to separate variables and samples in the heatmaps.

# Version 8.5

1. Fixed histograms in Scatter plots.
2. Improve rendering of loess fits and histograms in scatter plots.
3. Added the ability to create legends in multiple columns.
4. Improve performance for rendering large heatmaps.

# Version 8.4

1. Added ability to enter own network communities for network plots.
2. Major refactor of color handling for gradients and color schemes.
3. Deprecated the properties heatmapType, indicatorCenter.
4. Added histograms to indicators to match those of R.
5. Fixed clustering algorithm to produced exact results to those produced by the R hclust function.
6. Added additional Heatmap and 2D Scatter plot examples.
7. Add broadcasting to all graphs in the page (this is cool).
8. R library for CanvasXpress released at https://github.com/neuhausi/canvasXpress.git.

# Version 8.3

1. Change style for checkboxes and sliders in the filters.
2. Fix some bugs in the multiple graph layout.
3. Added random seed generator to assure reproducibility.
4. Added violin plots to the Boxplot visualizations.
5. Added loess fitting for Scatter2D plots using science.js library.

# Version 8.2

1. Implemented function to create network communities based on Corneliu S. implementation of the Louvain algorithm.
2. Implemented Hull to color network communities.
3. Converted images as base64 data.
4. Deleted redundant css in JavaScript.
5. Mixed minor bugs.
6. Added multiple columns for legends.
7. Added connectBy method for Dotplots and Boxplots.
8. Improved layout plots to match those created with GGPlot.
9. Added confidence interval for correlation plots.
10. Added confidence area for Kaplan-Meier plots.
11. Major refactoring of legends.
12. Begin development for Reproducible Research.

# Version 8.1

1. Implemented function to create contour plots based on Conrec by Paul Bourke.
2. Implemented histograms to Scatter 2D plots.
3. Implemented formating for dates in Scatter 2D plots.
4. Implemented zooming with mouse wheel in Scatter 2D plots.
5. Fixed minor bugs in object selection.

# Version 8.0

1. Implemented graph time in 3D scatter plots.
2. Implemented Treemap in bar and staggered bars.
3. Implemented Treemap in DOE.
4. Fixed bugs in Venn diagram.

# Version 7.9

1. Implemented param override in remote web services.
2. Added ability to draw elbows in network edges.
3. Added ability to move elbows in network edges.
4. Fixed bug to move decorations when moving node in Networks.
5. Added proper resizing for network objects (ala PP).
6. Implemented binning of data in one dimensional plots.
7. Added positioning for overlays in one dimensional plots.
8. Added many graph types for overlays in one dimensional plots.
9. Added ability to size overlays in one dimensional pots.
10. Added examples for Oncoprint.
11. Added automated method to define number of bins in histograms.

# Version 7.8

1. Implemented TagCloud visualizations.
2. Implemented different algorithms to set axis ticks.
3. Fixed decorations mouse over in networks.
4. Fix many bugs.

# Version 7.7

1. Fixed bugs in histograms.
2. Added menus to histogram data.
3. Added simple way to correlate variables and samples.
4. Added way to convert between annotation and vars or smps.
5. Added transpose method to the menu.
6. Added exploration of DOE.
7. Fix bugs in selecting data points in heatmap.
8. Implemented oncoprints.

# Version 7.6

1. Fixed bug in 3D Scatter plot axis.

# Version 7.5

1. Improved histograms.
2. Added metadata to histograms.
3. Added selecting model for histograms.
4. Added selecting model for pie charts.
5. Added a dataframe format for data.
6. Modified functionality of Scatter3D to account for dataframe.
7. Fix minor bug in networks.

# Version 7.4

1. Improved menus in the UI for 1/2/3 dimensional plots (more comming).
2. Refactored code to separate canvas renderer.
3. Fixed minor bugs.
4. Added zooming for correlation plots.
5. Added DotLine plots.
6. Fixed lots of bugs for the IE browser (still more to come).
7. Added connectBy properties for Scatter3D plots.

# Version 7.3

1. autoAdjust property replaced by adjustAspectRatio.
2. Major implementation of examples.
3. Improved methods to see code in the graphs.
4. Added interface to the configurator to see examples.
5. Added additional data sets to the examples.
6. Implemented style for all the fonts.
7. Fixed bugs in setting exact axes.
8. Fixed bugs in setting max and min for plots.
9. Changed property allVsAll to scatterPlotMatrix.

# Version 7.2

1. Added draggable div to show code.
2. Added custom dblclick to Network and Genome graphs.
3. Added override parameter for anchor nodes in Network graphs.
4. Fixed some bugs in Genome browser.
5. Fixed bug in sorting samples by variable when the data is grouped.
6. Fixed bug in calculating the font size when data is grouped.
7. Added ability to show overlays even when data is grouped.
8. Added ability to zoom to clade in dendrograms by double-clicking.
9. Improved feel and look and functionality of the data table.
10. Implemented Treemap graphs.
11. Fixed bug in axis of Stacked Percentage graphs.
12. Fixed bug in Scatter plots with transformed data.
13. Improved format for axis in Scatter plots.
14. Major improvements in the Circular graphs (inspired by Circos).
15. Fixed bug in filters in Complex Layout graphs.
16. Changed bindings for page down and page up keys for Genome graphs.
17. Improve web site pages with more examples.
18. Minor bug fixes.

# Version 7.1

1. Added video as a graph type using http://videojs.com controls.

# Version 7.0

1. Added flag to maintain zooming after initial drag in one D plots.
2. Added parameter to hide ticks and titles in one D plots.
3. Added parameter to use color for the legends in Venn diagrams.
4. Fixed bug with Venn diagram resizing.
5. Added ability to plot legend at the bottom in Pie charts.
6. Fixed bug in radial networks.

# Version 6.9

1. Move code to www.canvasxpress.org.

# Version 6.8

1. Use Flash through FlashCanvas.js as a fallback when using IE < 9 2. Fix bugs when used in IE.

# Version 6.7

1. Added sorting to data table.

# Version 6.6

1. Fixed small bugs in data table.
2. Fixed IE bugs.

# Version 6.5

1. Fixed minor bugs.

# Version 6.4

1. Added parameter to exclude from filtering object with missing keys.
2. Improved menus
3. Improved UI for filters, table and configurator (major).

# Version 6.3

1. Fixed incompatibility with jquery.

# Version 6.2

1. Fixed bug in labels in 3D Scatter plot.
2. Fixed bug in varOverlays.
3. Added mouse position sensitive zoom to Scatter-3D plots.
4. Added animated toolbar.
5. Added error bars to 2-D scatter plots.
6. Implemented first version of menus in the network plots.
7. Raw version for circular graphs.

# Version 6.1

1. Fixed bug when shortening text.
2. Added parameter to specify the number of labels in correlation plots.
3. Added parameter to specify the number of variable labels in one D plots.
4. Added parameter to specify the number of sample labels in one D plots.

# Version 6.0

1. Fixed bug in varOverlays.
2. Fixed bug in extra long text in sample and variable overlays.
3. Fixed bug in setting minimum values in axes.
4. Added parameter to adjust thickness of 3D bar plots.
5. Fixed bug in showing tooltip in 3D bar graphs.

# Version 5.9

1. Added spacer for sample and variable overlays.
2. Added recycling colors for sample and variable overlays.
3. Fixed bug in function 3D-plotter.

# Version 5.8

1. Fixed a lot of bugs in multidimensional plots.
2. Added 3D-bar graphs and 3D-dotplots.

# Version 5.7

1. Filters ala Spotfire.
2. Implemented multidimensional heatmaps (very kewl).

# Version 5.6

1. Implemented first version of filters
2. Added parameter to disable zooming of variables or samples.
3. Improve sensitivity in event detection in genome browser.

# Version 5.5

1. Fixed a resizing bug after updating data in Scatter-3D plots.

# Version 5.4

1. Fixed a bug when automatically adjusting dimensions of heatmaps.

# Version 5.3

1. Fixed bug when sorting null values.
2. Fixed bug of changing colors in overlays when zooming in one-dimensional plot.
3. Fixed bug with missing data in Area and AreaLine plots.

# Version 5.2

1. Fixed bug when printing samples or variables whose ids are numbers.
2. Droped support for older browsers.
3. Fixed bugs in color, shape and size in one dimensional plots.
4. Fixed bugs in sorting methods.
5. Added cool animation for showing / hiding the data table.

# Version 5.1

1. Added method to show connected nodes in networks (Ctrl-Home).
2. Added filter capabilities.
3. Added filter widget to the configurator.
4. Improved genome browser.
5. Improved performance for event handling.
6. Added drag and drop to sort samples for One-D graphs.
7. Added method and parameters to destroy zombie objects.
8. Improved performance in Firefox.
9. Added Kaplan - Meier plots.
10. Added ability to color, shape and size one dimensional plots.
11. Added ability to plot by variables (rather than by samples).

# Version 5.0

1. Continue adding touch events for mobile devices (really, really kwel).
2. Added methods to zoom-in to selected data points in 3D-Scatter plot.
3. Added methods to zoom-in by removing selected data points in 3D-Scatter plot.
4. Minor improvements to genome browser.

# Version 4.9

1. Improved performance to write sequences in boxes in Genome Browser.
2. Added stripes to sequences in boxes when displayed at medium resolution.
3. Added parameter to move parents when children are moved in Networks.
4. Improved performance when graphing sequences in boxes in Genome Browser.
5. Changed behavior when dragging mouse in the Genome Browser to panning.
6. Changed behavior to Shift + drag mouse to zoom in Genome Browser.
7. Fixed bug that prevented clear selection after click in blank space.
8. Honored setMin and setMax values in Scatter plots (I guess a bug).
9. Added haze and reduce size for farther away data points in 3D-Scatter plot.
10. Begin adding touch events for mobile devices (need to map them... kwel).

# Version 4.8

1. Fixed another bug in the 3d Scatter plot.
2. Added configurator when displaying in mobile devices.
3. Fixed bug in ajax method.

# Version 4.7

1. Implemented multiple sorting method for samples and variables.
2. Fixed bugs in grouping samples.
3. Added support for sequences for boxes in Genome Browser.
4. Added method to display a static tooltip for events this.showTooltipDiv.
5. Fixed bug when using exact data in scatter plots.
6. Added ability to pass parameters in the url (...&canvasXpress={...}).

# Version 4.6

1. Implemented wheel zooming for one dimensional graphs.
2. Improved zooming for heatmaps (by using mouse location).
3. Implemented panning for one dimensional graphs.
4. Added acknowledgment switch (please use acknowledgment: true).

# Version 4.5

1. Fixed bug in boxplots with less that 4 variables.
2. Added optimization to center the graph objects in one-D plots.

# Version 4.4

1. Added ability to prevent resizing the canvas 'resizable'.
2. Fixed bug in splines in one-D plots.
3. Fixed bug in setting the legend and sample title in one-D plots.

# Version 4.3

1. Added ability to prevent nodes in networks to catch events (eventless).
2. Added global property to override eventless nodes to be able to edit them.
3. Re-factor the Genome Panel to implement Sanger sequencing and NGS (really cool).
4. Modified Zooming in Genome Panel and Networks to account for mouse position.
5. Changed parameter for add samples from blockContrastOddColor to oddColor.
6. Changed parameter for even samples from blockContrastEvenColor to evenColor.
7. Re-factor the configurator panel (also very cool).
8. Began implementation of BAM/SAm files for genome browser (coming soon).

# Version 4.2

1. Added ability to plot stacked bars in Network decorations.
2. Fixed a bug in clustering

# Version 4.1

1. Added ability for the configurator to take parameters.
2. Added top, right, left and bottom margins to beautify graphs.
3. Changed parameter names for scaling text to be consistent.
4. Added factor to separate series in one dimensional graphs.
5. Improved area graphs.
6. Added splines for area graphs.
7. Added new graph type AreaLine combination.
8. Refactor many functions to improve performance and reusability of code.
9. Changed the paradigm to graph stock technical indicators.
10. Fixed bug in panning heatmaps.
11. AutoExtend property replaced by autoAdjust.
12. Changed the functionality of autoAdjust (autoAdjust).
13. Fixed bugs in 3d-Scatter plot.
14. Added ability to plot bars in the 3d-Scatter plot.
15. Remove option isScatterLine and replace by scatterType.
16. Added ability to use images in scatter plots (use scatterType: 'image').
17. Added ability to plot functions in scatter plots.
18. Improved the ability to display the actual data in a table.
19. Modified the default behavior for mouse click to show the data table.
20. Added option to disable showing help for key events.
21. Fixed bug when displaying version.
22. Added support for multi-line labels of node in networks.
23. Added ability to format tick values in the axes.
24. Added ability to link from variable and sample labels.
25. Added ability to disable arrow and + / - events.
26. Added ability to size decorations in networks.

# Version 4.0

1. Added disable the version tooltip.
2. Added ability to position the variable labels in heatmaps.
3. Fixed bug in axis increments where all values are zero.
4. Added validator for the parameters passed.
5. Added label descriptions for variable and samples in heatmaps.
6. Added ability to increase the width of the color indicators in heatmaps.
7. Added moving averages 5, 10, 25 and 50 for the market graphs.
8. Added ability to rotate 90 degrees sample, variable and tick labels.
9. Improved quality of the lines in graphs (it still can be improved).
10. Fixed bug in normal distribution and regression lines.

# Version 3.9

1. Changed path to canvasXpress.gif to images.
2. Added a method to freeze the network after loading.
3. Fixed calculation of tick values (again).
4. Fixed calculation for the length of the edges in the networks.
5. Other minor fixes.
6. Fixed position of images with network nodes.
7. Added Title for variables in heatmaps.
8. Added hide configurator on image click events.
9. Changed default for modelEvent to 'global' to increase performance.
10. Modified BarLine to align line to first series when necessary.
11. Added StackedLine and StackedLinePercentage.

# Version 3.8

1. fixed bug in setting user defined colors.
2. added capability to implement user defined color in Venn diagrams.
3. added capability to plot the untransformed tick values in scatter plots.
4. fixed bugs in defining the tick values.
5. fixed bugs in network resizing, moving and selecting.
6. added configurator capability for network edges after alt + left mouse click.
7. added flag to disable all user events.
8. extended zooming model for networks and heatmaps with mouse wheel and + / - keys.
9. changed the zoom default for choosing nodes in networks to require ctrl + mouse drag.
10. added panning capabilities for networks and heatmaps with arrow, page keys and drag.
11. fixed bug in sizing the genome browser.

# Version 3.7

1. added capability to get data remotely.
2. improved support for mobile apps.
3. changed the events used for showing the configurator to dblclick in non mobile apps.
4. add single click to show the configurator in nn mobile apps.
5. added functions to the configurator.
6. fixed bug in newick parser (dendrograms).

# Version 3.6

1. added capability to use images in the networks.
2. fixed event bugs.
3. fixed more bugs.
4. added support for background images.
5. added z-Index support for images.
6. added show values for bar graphs and heatmaps.
7. improved performance to save network data (Mingyi Liu).
8. added multiple pie charts for complex layouts.
9. added a configurator after alt + left mouse click or double click.
10. added a configurator for the network nodes after an alt + left mouse click.
11. improve color management, transparencies and gradients.

# Version 3.5

1. added rotation for the variable and sample labels.
2. modified generic method to create shapes 'drawShape' to add outline width.
3. modified generic method to create lines 'drawLine' to add outline width and cap style.
4. added more backgroundType options to contrast the plotting area.
5. added background color for the legends.
6. added thickness for line plots.

# Version 3.4

1. added more color schemes for the heatmaps.

# Version 3.3

1. added radial layout for the networks.
2. added bars and heatmaps for the networks.
3. extended the shapes model to include width, height and rotation.
4. added a generic method to draw shapes, lines and text in the canvas.
5. remove canceling the bubbling in the events.

# Version 3.2

1. overlays parameter taken out and replaced by smpOverlays.
2. added support for variable overlays in heatmaps.
3. added font parameters for overlays.
4. added clustering capabilities.
5. enhanced the complex layout object.
6. implemented all vs all for 2D scatter plots (layout).
7. added segregation of variables in the data (layout).
8. added alignment for selected nodes in network.
9. refactor the binding keys.
10. added help for binding keys.
11. added lines to join data points in series in scatter plots.
12. added regression lines in scatter plots.
13. added normal distribution lines in scatter plots.
14. added a method to generate random data.
15. added histogram method.
16. added decoration shapes in 2D scatter plots.
17. implemented colorBy method in bar graphs to color by a sample class.
18. add support for switching branches in dendrograms.