How to Create and Share Data with CanvasXpress

CanvasXpress is your tool for simplifying data analytics. Created to be a JavaScript Library that stores your data analytics in one convenient place and with full audit trail capabilities, this service offers integration with the frameworks you need, simple and straightforward design, and interactive tools.

Simply Drag and Drop

Configure, save, and share your work through the easiest method available today: the drag and drop feature. Intuitive and flexible, this feature allows you to move around pieces of HTML, csv, or json or png files to create the display that you need.

1. HTML Widgets

Set up categories on the right edge and move your data to display facts and information. You are easily able to add, remove, or change your rows and columns here.

2. CanvasXpress

Drag and drop csv files or pieces of any images or illustrations that you have already created onto the CanvasXpress snippets. From here, you can edit and change as needed.

3. Save and Share

We don’t want you to ever have to worry about losing the data you have so carefully compiled, and so we have made saving simple! Just click save!

To share your work, please keep in mind that you will have to be logged in. Once you are and you are happy with the work that you have done, check the right panel on your page. You will see a link that you can name and share from there.

Widespread Integration

Whatever you need your data for, we offer the framework integration to make it possible.

R Integration

Through CRAN, install our R package to use in the R console, on R studio, or in any of the Shiny applications.

Node Integration

From npm, install our node module to create visualizations via programming straight from the command line, either locally or from the cloud.

React Integration

From npmjs, install our node modules for quick integration with React JS.

Angular Integration

Integration with Angular JS is easy - just install CanvasXpress node modules from npm to get started.