Properties associated with samples

filterSmpBy filter
Filter samples by their annotation included in the 'data.x' object used in one dimensional plots
Default: []
maxSmpStringLen integer
Maximum length in characters a sample label or description can have so anything above is truncated.
Default: 30
Sample label description is a valid sample classification included in the 'data.x' object used in heatmaps
Default: false
Used in: Heatmap
Size for the sample labels in one dimensional plots. Be aware that auto scaling font must be turned off for this property to take effect. A more convenient way to modify the size is to use the sample label scaling factor
Default: 12
smpLabelRotate integer
Rotation for sample labels in degrees. It could be positive or negative.
Scaling factor used to increase or decrease sample label font size in the canvas.
Default: 1
Scaling factor used to increse or decrease sample title font size in the canvas
Default: 1