Remote Procedures

Parameters used when getting data remotely

remoteAutoPlayDelay integer
Time in milliseconds to wait between iterations while automatically going over remote data sets
Default: 3000
remoteDirection option
Direction parameter used to obtain data remotely.
Default: next
Options: next, prev
remoteParamOverride boolean
Flag to override parameters to maintain the state of the graphs when using remote services
Default: true
remoteParams object
Object to hold additional parameters used to obtain data remotely. The target property will be always added to the method as well as the direction [next|prev].
Default: {}
remoteParentId string Private
Id for the parent holding the remoteWindow to prevent id collisions
remoteService url
Url used to obtain data remotely thorugh a web service or directly from a file. If the remote service is a file then it expects a json file with a two dimensional array. Each of the arrays should have a key (which will be used in a drop down menu) and a value to point to a url where to get the data. If the remote service is a web service it expects a canvasXpress object. You may specify additional parameters for the web service but you must specify the type of remote service in remoteServiceType. The default parameters for web services are index (to identify the current record number) and dir (to identify the direction; it could be either next or prev)
Default: false
remoteServiceType string
Type of web service to obtain data remotely
Default: webService
Options: webService, file
remoteTransitionEffect option
Effect for the remote transitions.
Default: slide
Options: none, slide, fade
remoteUpdate boolean
Flag to indicate that the file to get the data needs to be updated
Default: false
remoteUpdateDelay integer
Time in milliseconds to wait between tryig to get an upated version of the file containing the data
Default: 10000
remoteUpdating boolean Private
Flag to indicate that updating data is in progress
Default: false