Parameters used to create histograms in 2d scatter plots

histogramBarWidth float Private
Length in pixels for half of the bar width in the 2D sccater plot histogram.
Default: false
histogramBins integer
Approximate number of bins in a histogram. It may vary considerably to the actual number used in the histogram to ensure a 'pretty' size for the intervals in the histogram. ggplot's default is 30.
See also: createHistogram
Default: false
Line type for the histogram median
See also: createHistogram, densityKernel
Default: dashed
Options: solid, dotted, dashed, dotdash, longdash, twodash
Histogram size estimator
See also: createHistogram, showHistogramDensity
Default: sturges
Options: sturges, freedmanDiaconis, scott
Flag to stagger histograms when multiple series are present
See also: createHistogram
Default: false
isHistogram boolean Private
Flag to track conversion of 2D scatter plot into histograms.
Default: false