General properties used in most visualizations

Specifies the orientation of one dimensional graphs.
Default: horizontal
Options: horizontal, vertical
graphType option
Specifies the type of graph.
Default: Bar
Options: Bar, Line, Area, AreaLine, BarLine, Boxplot, Dotplot, DotLine, Heatmap, Candlestick, Stacked, StackedLine, StackedPercent, StackedPercentLine, Tree, Treemap, TagCloud, ParallelCoordinates, Sankey, Scatter2D, ScatterBubble2D, Scatter3D, Correlation, Pie, Venn, Network, Genome, Circular
invertGraph boolean
Flag to invert horizontal one dimensional graphs to plot from right to left
Default: false
isR boolean
Flag to indicate is running from the R library. For developers only.
Default: false
Flag to indicate to track user modifications for Reproducible Research. For developers only.
Default: true
loadImagesTimeOut integer
Specifies the number of milliseconds to wait trying to load images before attempting to plot the data. For developers only.
Default: 100
printType option
Type of printing when the camera icon in the UI is pressed. Download is to dowload the image while window is to save the image in a new browser window.
Default: download
Options: download, window
reproduceTime integer
Time to wait in milliseconds to reproduce user modifications through the UI.
Default: 1000
theme option
Themes for the plot. This parameter will overwrite colors, background, axes, etc
Default: none
Options: none, economist, excel, tableau, stata, igray, solarized, paulTol, ggplot, wallStreetJournal, cx
useVocabulary boolean
Use vocabulary to improve loading of large data sets. Experimental
Default: false