Error Bars and Confidence Intervals

Error bar and confidence intervals related parameters

Confidence intervals type for Kaplan Meier estimates
Default: log
Options: ordinary, log, loglog
errorBarsType option
Type of error bars.
Default: confidenceInterval95
Options: standardDeviation, standardErrorMean, confidenceInterval95
errorBarsWidth integer
Minimum size of the bar in pixels to determine to show or hide error bar ends in the graphs when available.
Default: 2
fitLineStyle option
Color for the fit line
Default: rgb(255,215,0)
Options: solid, dotted, dashed, dotdash, longdash, twodash
invertCensored boolean
Flag to indicate whether zero values are censored or not in Kaplan-Meier plots
Default: false
kaplanMeierBy option
Name of a sample annotation to create multiple Kaplan Meier plots.
Default: false
Options: false
Flag to show or not the confidence intervals in the regression and Kaplan-Meier plots
See also: decorations
Default: true
Type of linear least-squares fitting methods for simple data analysis
Default: linear
Options: linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, polynomial