Additional elements added to graphs to increase data understanding

decorations array
Name of the node properties to include in the network decorations in the 'data.nodes' object
See also: showDecorations
Default: false
Array of colors used for selection in network decorations not to be confused by its singular form 'decorationsColor' above
Default: []
Position for the decorations in one dimensional plots, scatter plots and network graphs. If legendInside is true the all the options apply but if legendInside is false only right and bottom are valid options
Default: bottom
Options: rightTop, right, rightBottom, bottom, leftBottom, left, leftTop, top
Type for the decorations in the networks. The types stacked and stackedpercent must be two dimensional. Heatmap could be one or two dimensional
Default: bar
Options: pie, bar, heatmap, stacked, stackedpercent
showDecorations boolean
Flag to show or not extra decorations like (regression lines, splines, etc) in scatter plots and (heatmaps, pie charts or stacked bar graphs in) network graphs
Default: true