Circular Graphs

General parameters in circular graphs

Array containing the proportion of the radius for each arc segment in the circular plot. If not specified then all radius will be the same. The plot will be scaled based of the largest value in the array
See also: arcSegmentsRadius
Default: []
Number of degrees to separate the arc segments in the circular plots. The arc segments can be set with the segregateSampleBy property.
Default: 8
bubbleColor color
Default color for the bubbles. Only applicable to the bubble subtype.
Default: rgba(150,150,150,0.33)
chordColor option
Color the ribbon according to either the source or the target of the connection
Default: source
Options: source, target
chordThickness integer
Relative length in pixels of the chord thickness in the circular graphs. Only applicable to the chord subtype.
Default: 28
Proportion of the center of the circular graph to use as void; that is the fraction of the radius in the middle of the graph.
Default: 0.3
Position to align the data in 2D radial graphs and ideograms
Default: distributed
Options: absolute, distributed
Position to align the variable and sample names in circular plot
Default: outside
Options: inside, outside
Factor to adjust the spacing between letters in the circular graphs. The greater the number the closer the letters in the labels
Default: 1.5
Position to align the percent and radial axes in circular plot
Default: inside
Options: inside, outside
circularType option
Property to set the subtype of circular graph. If set to sunburst or bubble then smpOverlays can be used to build a hierarchy for the graph.
Default: normal
Options: normal, radar, sunburst, chord, bubble
ideogram option
Ideogram. Additional ideograms can be loaded by appending to the CanvasXpress.chromosomes object. The format of the ideogram is based on the R data for 'USCS.hg19.chr'
CanvasXpress.chromosomes = {
  hg19 : {
    order : [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ...],
    data : {
      1 : [ [ 0, 2300000, "p36.33", "gneg" ], ...],
      2 : [ [ 0, 4300000, "p25.3", "gneg" ], ...],
Default: hg19
Options: hg19
Factor name included in the 'data.z' object used to map to the chromosome number.
Default: chr
rAxis string
Radial axis for circular plots. It must be the name of a variable. Only applicable to 2 Dimensional circular plots.
Default: false
rAxisZero boolean
Flag to force the rAxis property to start from zero otherwise it starts from the minimum value.
Default: false
Array containing the graph type for each ring in the circular plot.
See also: ringOrder
Default: []
Array containing the proportion of the dimensions for each data ring in the circular plot. It must be a value between 0.1 and 1. If not specified then all ring will be weighted the same.
See also: ringOrder
Default: []
ringsOrder array
Array containing the order of the rings. The array includes the levels of the factor specified as either segregateSamplesBy when show the ideogram or segregateVariablesBy when there is no ideogram. It may also include any of the following terms: 'dendrogram', 'ideogram', 'labels', 'scale', 'percent' and 'data'. If there are sample overlays, the array may also contain any of the factor names include in the object. This array supersede any other configurations for example for the sample overlays. CanvasXpress will honored all other configurations if left empty.
See also: ringOrder
Default: []