The CanvasXpress interactive interface combines powerful visualization components and advanced data-driven JavaScript libraries that deliver the fast and seamless implementation of data analysis without any need for programming.

Below are some examples of a CanvaXpress interactive visualizations.

# Scatter-2D Plots

Explore the CanvasXpress graph by hovering over it, dragging, clicking, resizing the graph, and more to experiment with its functionality. To reset, press ESC.

Mouseover to
show tooltips
Drag to Zoom
Wheel to Zoom
Click Legend
to filter
Drag Legends

# Heatmaps

Examine heatmaps with CanvasXpress functionalities that allow you to zoom in/out and view with dendrograms as well as overlays. Easily reposition dendrograms and overlays on graphs, try putting in larger graphs and click on them to explore the visualization. Press ESC to reset changes made on the graph.

Click / DblClick
Click branch
Dbl-click branch
to flip
to focus
Drag Dendrogram
to place

Click Overlay
to filter
Drag Overlay to place

# Dotlots

Below are some of the interactive functionalities in a one-dimensional plot. Try the larger graph. Press 'ESC' to reset the graph.

Drag to zoom
Drag Sample
to place

# 3D Scatter Plots

Below are some examples with 3D Scatter plots. Try the larger graph. Press 'ESC' to reset the graph.

Drag to rotate
Wheel to zoom