File Formats

CanvasXpress not only lets you create data visualizations in the JSON format, but it also allows you to load other data formats, including XML, PNG, and tab-delimited (CSV, TSV).

Create these visualization formats programmatically or by dragging and dropping them into the CanvasXpress visualization.

Below is an example showing a visualization of a CSV file dataset. See the parameters in the JSON below.

Code Used

var cX = new CanvasXpress(
   "renderTo": "canvasId",
   "data": "",
   "config": {
     "title": "Tooth Growth",
     "smpLabelRotate": 90,
     "graphType": "Boxplot",
     "graphOrientation": "vertical",
     "metaData": {
       "dose" : true
     "groupingFactors": [ "dose" ]
   "events": false

To demonstrate the drag and drop capabilities of the CanvasXpress visualization, you may download the files below and drag them into the visualization. This tool allows for easy and time-effective handling of datasets.