As a data analytics platform, CanvasXpress is transforming the way people create visual applications. The CanvasXpress JavaScript library gives you the capabilities to create powerful data-driven visualization that is up to standard and provides every needed data exploration feature.

# Web Responsive Design

With CanvasXpress, you can create designs that are size adjustable and can be maximized to fill up your entire screen for better visualization. Now you can work smarter and easily spot trends in designs. Take, for example, these three graphs; all you need to do is hover your mouse on the graph, then click the maximize icon to zoom in and out. Press it again to reset back.

# View

CanvasXpress provides out of the box advanced analytics features to get you up and running in no time. Get access to easy-to-use tools that let you see and understand your data. With our data filters and data tables, you can convert graphs into a data exploration framework without compromising the flow of analysis.

To use these tools, as seen in the example below, just hover your mouse over the graph and select the funnel-like icon to toggle the widgets.

# Scalability

With CanvasXpress as a repository for your data, you can efficiently manage visual analysis, solve business problems, and gain insights for business growth. In contrast to other JavaScript libraries based on SVG, CanvasXpress is built on the <canvas> element fitted with innovative features that’ll take your analysis to the next level.

Here is an example of a heatmap that harbors more than a million data points.

Huge Heatmap > 1 Million data points