Text API

# align

align option
Default horizontal alignment for drawing text.
Default: center
Options: right, center, left

# autoScaleFont

autoScaleFont boolean
Flag to automatically adjust the font size in many visualization. Please be aware that scaling factors can still modify the font size. This flag needs to be false for the text to accept the specified font size.
See also: axisTickFontSize, axisTitleFontSize, legendTextFontSize, legendTitleFontSize, smpLabelFontSize, varLabelFontSize
Default: true

# baseline

baseline option
Default vertical alignment for drawing text.
Default: middle
Options: top, middle, bottom

# fontName

fontName option
Font name. It will be set depending on the browser.
Default: Arial
Options: Courier, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif, Indie Flower, Ubuntu, Architects Daughter, Roboto

# fontScaleFontFactor

# fontSize

fontSize integer
Font size for text in complex plot only. See other categories to modify specific font sizes.
Default: 12

# fontStyle

# fonts

# fontsExternal

# maxTextSize

# minTextSize

# scaleTextConstantAdd

# scaleTextConstantMult