Tag Cloud API

# tagCloudGridPoints

tagCloudGridPoints array Private
Array to keep state of the used space in the tag cloud visualization
Default: []
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudMask

tagCloudMask boolean
Add a shadow for the selected shape
Default: false
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudShape

tagCloudShape option
Shape for the tag cloud
Default: false
Options: false, circle, cardioid, diamond, square, triangle, triangle2, pentagon, star
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudTextEllipticity

Ellipticity for the for text in tag cloud visualizations
Default: 0.65
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudTextGridSize

Size for the grid in text tag cloud visualizations
Default: 8
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudTextRotateRatio

Ratio for rotation of text in cloud visualizations
Default: 0.1
Used in: TagCloud

# tagCloudTextWeightFactor

Factor weight for text in tag cloud visualizations
Default: 1
Used in: TagCloud