Scatter Plots API

# chromosomeLengths

Manhattan Chromosomes length is a sorted array by chromosome with the length in base pairs for each chromosome. It is required when scatterType is manhattan.
See also: scatterType
Default: []

# functionColor

Color for the function plots
Default: rgb(0,0,0)

# groupingFactorWindow

groupingFactorWindow float
The width for the data when grouping in Scatter2D plots. This is the analogous parameter to cut_width in R. It defaults to a fifth of the data range. The scatterType must be boxplot to take this parameter into effect.
See also: scatterType
Default: false

# manhattanColors

Colors for the manhattan plots
Default: [rgb(128,128,128), rgb(135,206,235)]

# manhattanContrastColor

Manhattan contrast color
Default: rgba(0,0,0,0.1)

# manhattanMarkerChromosomeNumber

Sample name included in the 'data.y.smps' object used to map to the chromosome number.
Default: false

# manhattanMarkerLogPValue

Sample name included in the 'data.y.smps' object used to map to the negative log 10 p value.
Default: false
Options: false

# manhattanMarkerPosition

Sample name included in the 'data.y.smps' object used to map to the position in base pairs.
Default: false
Options: false

# scatterAxesEqual

Keep same range in both axes
Default: false

# scatterOutlineThreshold

Maximum number of data points before skipping plotting their outline but only the fill color
Default: 50000

# scatterType

scatterType option
Type of scatter plot
Default: false
Options: false, line, bar, dot, image, lineImage, lineStep, boxplot, visium, manhattan, bin2d

# visiumFixedAspectRatio

Fix aspect ratio for visium plots.
Default: true

# visiumFlip

visiumFlip boolean
Invert the data in visium plots.
Default: false

# visiumPanning

visiumPanning boolean
No panning on visium plots so dragging will always zoom.
Default: false