Remote Procedures : Parameters used when getting data remotely

# remoteAutoPlay

# remoteAutoPlayDelay

Time in milliseconds to wait between iterations while automatically going over remote data sets
Type: integer
Default: 3000

# remoteAutoSize

# remoteDirection

Direction parameter used to obtain data remotely
Type: string
Default: next
Options: next, prev

# remoteParamOverride

Flag to override parameters to maintain the state of the graphs when using remote services
Type: boolean
Default: true

# remoteParams

Object to hold additional parameters used to obtain data remotely. The target property will be always added to the method as well as the direction [next|prev]
Type: object
Default: {}

# remoteService

Url used to obtain data remotely thorugh a web service or directly from a file. If the remote service is a file then it expects a json file with a two dimensional array. Each of the arrays should have a key (which will be used in a drop down menu) and a value to point to a url where to get the data. If the remote service is a web service it expects a canvasXpress object. The default parameters for web services are index (to identify the current record number) and dir (to identify the direction; it could be either next or prev)
Type: url
Default: false

# remoteTransitionEffect

Effect for the remote transitions
Type: string
Default: slide
Options: none, slide, fade