Pie Charts API

# maxPieSectors

Max pie sectors. After that number the sectors will be put in a sector named 'other'.
Default: 20
Used in: Pie

# pieColors

pieColors array
Pie Colors. Defaults to the parameter colors.
Default: []
Used in: Pie

# pieInnerRadius

Percentage of the radius in the pies to remove to make a donut. It must be a number between 0 to 1
Used in: Pie

# pieLabelType

pieLabelType option
Pie label type to show the percentage of the slice or the actual number
Default: percentage
Options: percentage, value
Used in: Pie

# pieSegmentLabels

Location for the values in the pie charts
Default: inside
Options: inside, outside
Used in: Pie

# pieSegmentPrecision

Number of decimals for values in the Pie charts
Used in: Pie

# pieSegmentSeparation

Length in pixels for the separation of the pieces of the pie charts
Default: 1
Used in: Pie

# pieType

pieType option
Position for the pices of the pie
Default: separated
Options: separated, solid
Used in: Pie

# showPieSampleLabel

A flag to show the sample label when plotting multiple pies
Default: true
Used in: Pie

# showPieValues

showPieValues boolean
A flag to show the values for the pie
Default: true
Used in: Pie

# startPieSectors

Starting degrees for pie sectors. 0 is equivalent to 3:00 oclock
Default: 270
Used in: Pie