Network Communities API

# calculateNetworkCommunities

Flag to calculate the network communities using the jLouvain algorithm. If this flag is false the property community and communityColor for each node will need to be provided, otherwise all nodes will belong to a single community.
Default: true
Used in: Network

# coordinateNetworkConvexHullCommunityColor

Flag to coordinate colors of the nodes with convex hull for the network communities
Default: false
Used in: Network

# hullScale

hullScale float
Scaling factor for extension of the hulls in the network communities
Default: 1.25
Used in: Network

# networkCommunities

networkCommunities integer Private
Number of network communities
Default: null
Used in: Network

# networkConvexHulls

networkConvexHulls array Private
Array for the Network community convex hull property object
Default: []
Used in: Network

# showNetworkCommunities

Flag to show or hide network communities
Default: false
Used in: Network