Line Graphs API

# coordinateLineColor

Flag to used same color in BarLine plots. If set to true the color of the bars and the lines will be coordinated
Default: false

# lineDecoration

Lines decorations in the line graphs
Default: symbol
Options: false, dot, symbol, pattern

# lineErrorType

lineErrorType option
Line error type in the line graphs. The line type must be spline for the area error type.
Default: bar
Options: bar, area

# lineType

lineType option
Type of line used to join the points in line graphs
Default: rect
Options: rect, solid, spline, dotted, dashed, dotdash, longdash, twodash

# parallelCoordinates

parallelCoordinates array Private
Array used to store and handle a parallel coordinates plot
Default: []

# tension

tension float
Curvature for the splines and hulls
Default: 0.3

# tensionSegments

tensionSegments integer
Number of segments to smooth a quadratic curve
Default: 16