Foreground and Background API

# background

# backgroundImage

Specifies the url for the background image when the background type is of the type 'image' or 'windowImage'.
See also: backgroundType
Default: false

# backgroundType

Specifies the style for the background of the canvas. The canvas background is composed of a frame with a window where the data is plotted. Either of these elements the may be a solid or gradient color or an image of your choosing. The colorScheme property will be used If gradient is specified.
Default: solid
Options: solid, gradient, window, windowGradient, windowSolidGradient, image, windowImage

# backgroundWindow

Specifies the background color for the canvas when the background type is of a type 'window'.
See also: backgroundType
Default: rgb(244,244,244)

# foreground

foreground color
Specifies the foreground color for text or lines not covered in a more specific configuration property.
See also: objectBorderColor
Default: rgb(0,0,0)