Error Bars and Confidence Intervals : Error bar and confidence intervals related parameters

# confidenceIntervalColor

Color for the confidence intervals
Type: color
Default: rgb(50,50,50)

# confidenceIntervalType

Confidence intervals type for Kaplan Meier estimates
Type: string
Default: log
Options: ordinary, log, loglog

# confidenceLevel

Confidence level for regression, ellipse and Kaplan Meier
Type: float
Default: 0.95

# errorBarsColor

Color for the error bars in dotplots and barplots
Type: color
Default: rgb(0,0,0)

# errorBarsThickness

# errorBarsType

Type of error bars
Type: string
Default: confidenceInterval95
Options: standardDeviation, standardErrorMean, confidenceInterval95

# errorBarsWidth

Minimum size of the bar in pixels to determine to show or hide error bar ends in the graphs when available
Type: integer
Default: 2

# fitLineColor

# fitLineStyle

Color for the fit line
Type: string
Default: solid
Options: solid, dotted, dashed, dotdash, longdash, twodash

# fitLineTransparency

The transparency for the fit line. A value between 0 and 1
Type: float
Default: 1

# fitLineWidth

# regressionOrder

Specifies the number of degrees to solve for in polynomial regressions
Type: integer
Default: 2

# regressionType

Type of linear least-squares fitting methods for simple data analysis
Type: string
Default: linear
Options: linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, polynomial

# showConfidenceIntervals

Flag to show/hide the confidence intervals in the regression and Kaplan-Meier plots
Type: boolean
Default: true

# showErrorBars

Flag to show/hide the error bars in graphs
Type: boolean
Default: true

# showRegressionFullRange

Flag to show/hide the full range in regression plots
Type: boolean
Default: false

# standardDeviationType

Type of Standard Deviation. biased uses n as denominator and unbiased uses (n - 1) as denominator where n is the number of values
Type: string
Default: unbiased
Options: biased, unbiased