Clustering API

# clusterAxis

clusterAxis option Private
Axis to use when clustering data.
Default: samples
Options: samples, variables

# distance

distance option
Distance metric to use when clustering data.
Default: euclidian
Options: euclidian, manhattan, max

# imputeMethod

imputeMethod option
Imputation method for missing data when clustering
Default: mean
Options: mean, median

# kmeansSmpClusters

# kmeansVarClusters

# linkage

linkage option
Linkage type to use when clustering data.
Default: complete
Options: single, complete, average

# maxIterations

maxIterations integer
Number of maximum iterations when clustering data with kmeans for one dimensional graphs or maximum number of iterations when calculating force direct layout networks.
Default: 500

# samplesClustered

Configuration property to cluster samples
Default: false

# samplesKmeaned

samplesKmeaned boolean
Configuration property to k-mean samples
Default: false

# variablesClustered

Configuration property to cluster variables
Default: false

# variablesKmeaned

Configuration property to k-mean variables
Default: false