Axis : General axis parameters

# axisAlgorithm

Algorithm used to position tick labels on axes. See An Extension of Wilkinson’s Algorithm for Positioning Tick Labels on Axes. Justin Talbot, Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan
Type: string
Default: rPretty
Options: heckbert, wilkinson, wilkinsonExtended, rPretty

# axisCoordinate

Flag to coordinate xAxis and xAxis2 in *-Line combination plots
Type: boolean
Default: false

# axisExtension

Percentage to extend the values of the data to ensure all the data points are plotted inside and not over the edges of the graph
Type: float
Default: 0.1

# axisWilkinsonLoose

Flag to indicate whether to use loose positioning when using the wilkinson algorithm to position the labels on the axis. There will not be a difference most of the times
Type: boolean
Default: false