Axis API

# axisAlgorithm

axisAlgorithm option
Algorithm used to position tick labels on axes. See An Extension of Wilkinson’s Algorithm for Positioning Tick Labels on Axes. Justin Talbot, Sharon Lin, Pat Hanrahan.
See also: axisWilkinsonLoose
Default: rPretty
Options: heckbert, wilkinson, wilkinsonExtended, rPretty

# axisCoordinate

axisCoordinate boolean
Flag to coordinate xAxis and xAxis2 in *-Line combination plots
Default: false

# axisExtension

Percentage to extend the values of the data to ensure all the data points are plotted inside and not over the edges of the graph
Default: 0.1

# axisWilkinsonLoose

Flag to indicate whether to use loose positioning when using the wilkinson algorithm to position the labels on the axis. There will not be a difference most of the times.
See also: axisAlgorithm
Default: false

# setMax

# setMin