Legends for variables and samples

legend array
Custom legends : Array of objects [{ size : [], shape : [], shapeColor : [], line : [], lineColor : [], lineStart : [], lineEnd : [], text : [], x : number, y : number, title : string }]
Default: []
legendFontSize integer
Font size for the legends. Be aware that auto scaling font must be turned off for this property to take effect. A more convenient way to modify the size is to use the legend scaling factor
Default: 12
legendOrder object
Object to specify custom order for the levels in the legends. The key of the object is the name of an annotation in the data.x object, or the name of an annotation in the data.z object. The value for element is an array with the levels for the corresponding factor
Default: false
Position for the legend in the graphs. If legendInside is true the all the options apply but if legendInside is false only right and bottom are valid options
See also: legendInside
Default: right
Options: topRight, right, bottomRight, bottom, bottomLeft, left, topLeft, top