General properties used in most visualizations

Full thorough check of variable and sample names when more than the specified number. This is useful for large data sets as canvas has not an efficent maner to measure text.
Default: 500
Specifies the orientation of one dimensional graphs.
Default: horizontal
Options: horizontal, vertical
graphType option
Specifies the type of graph.
Default: Bar
Options: Bar, Line, Area, AreaLine, BarLine, Boxplot, Dotplot, DotLine, Heatmap, Candlestick, Stacked, StackedLine, StackedPercent, StackedPercentLine, Tree, Treemap, TagCloud, ParallelCoordinates, Sankey, Scatter2D, ScatterBubble2D, Scatter3D, Correlation, Pie, Venn, Network, Genome, Circular
invertGraph boolean
Flag to invert horizontal one dimensional graphs to plot from right to left
Default: false
isR boolean
Flag to indicate is running from the R library. For developers only.
Default: false
Flag to indicate to track user modifications for Reproducible Research. For developers only.
Default: true
loadImagesTimeOut integer
Specifies the number of milliseconds to wait trying to load images before attempting to plot the data. For developers only.
Default: 100
printType option
Type of printing when the camera icon in the UI is pressed. Download is to dowload the image while window is to save the image in a new browser window.
Default: download
Options: download, window
theme option
Themes for the plot. This parameter will overwrite colors, background, axes, etc
Default: none
Options: none, economist, excel, tableau, stata, igray, solarized, paulTol, ggplot, wallStreetJournal, cx
useVocabulary boolean
Use vocabulary to improve loading of large data sets. Experimental
Default: false