CanvasXpress Version 12.3

CanvasXpress is a standalone HTML5 graphing library written in Javascript. It includes a simple and unobtrusive user interface to explore complex data sets and a sofisticated mechanish to keep track of all user customizations for Reproducible Research purposes. CanvasXpress can also be used in R at the console to generate conventional plots, in R-Studio or seamlessly embeded in Shiny web applications. The R library can be found here. CanvasXpress is also able to open and explore text delimited files as well as R datasets. CanvasXpress is supported in all major browsers in computers and mobile devices.


CanvasXpress is released under GPL3. The use of this library is permited for non-comercial use as long as its copyright notice is included without any modification. Commercial use may be granted to the extent that this source code does NOT become part of any other Open Source or Commercially licensed development library or toolkit without explicit permission. Please contact us for additional information.


About CanvasXpress

CanvasXpress was developed as the core visualization component for bioinformatics and systems biology analysis at Bristol-Myers Squibb. It supports a large number of visualizations to display scientific and non-scientific data. CanvasXpress also includes a standalone unobtrusive data table and a filtering widget to allow data exploration similar to those only seen in other high-end commercial applications. Data can be easily sorted, grouped, transposed, transformed or clustered dynamically. The fully customizable mouse events as well as the zooming, panning and drag'n drop capabilities are features that make this library unique in its class.