# functionIntervals

Number of intervals to use when drawing functions in the decorations. In Scatter 3D is more like a factor
Default: 25

# isSelectDataPoints

isSelectDataPoints integer Private
Number of selected data points (in the data object).

# scatterAxesEqual

Keep same range in both axes
Default: false

# scatterOutlineThreshold

Maximum number of data points before skipping plotting their outline but only the fill color
Default: 50000

# scatterType

scatterType option
Type of scatter plot
Default: false
Options: false, line, bar, dot, image, lineImage, lineStep, boxplot

# selectDataMode

Type of mode to highlight selected data points with mouse events. (Shift + mouse drag)
Default: area
Options: area, transparency, name

# selectDataModeDescription

Variable label to display when highlighting selected data points that must be in the 'data.z' object. (Shift + mouse drag)
Default: false
Options: false

# selectDataPoint

selectDataPoint object Private
Ids of data points (in the data object) to select.
Default: {}

# selectedBackgroundColor

The color for selected data points.
Default: rgb(255,0,0)

# selectedDataPoints

Variable names of data points (in the data object) to initially select.
Default: []